‘Crime Story’ A Waste Of Time, Talent And Tax Incentives

I only watched the movie Crime Story because a friend of mine from college was in it as an extra. Appearing as an extra in movies like these might help boost some into the local economy, but this movie is so awful, it’s an assault on the tax incentives from the Georgia Film Commission. RichardContinue reading “‘Crime Story’ A Waste Of Time, Talent And Tax Incentives”

‘The Power Of The Dog’ Deconstructs The Cowboy Myth

The Power of the Dog is based on a novel by the same name by Thomas Savage that was published in 1967. It was this time that many filmmakers began to break away from traditional western movies that often starred John Wayne. These movies through the 1970s and 1980s until they lost popularity were calledContinue reading “‘The Power Of The Dog’ Deconstructs The Cowboy Myth”

‘The Lost Daughter’ Examines Some Painful Truths About Motherhood

Who is the daughter in the title The Lost Daughter? If you’re thinking of some Lifetime movie thriller about a kidnapped young girl, then that’s not the case. There is a very brief scene in which a young girl goes missing at the beach, but she’s quickly found. I think the “lost” in the titleContinue reading “‘The Lost Daughter’ Examines Some Painful Truths About Motherhood”

‘Pig’ Proves Nic Cage Can Still Act

Nicolas Cage just turned 58 this month. For an actor who has been working for about 40 years and his own brand of acting has become infamous with over the top performances and eccentric characters, it’s a rarity to see him in the role of Robin “Rob” Feld in the surprisingly well made drama Pig.Continue reading “‘Pig’ Proves Nic Cage Can Still Act”

Like Coupons ‘Queenpins’ Could’ve Done More For Less

The idea of extreme couponing isn’t something new that came out in the 2000s. I remember back when grocery stores used to give out stamps that you could collect to be used when they had weekly deals. One time, the Piggly Wiggly in my home town had a special on canned dog food that wasContinue reading “Like Coupons ‘Queenpins’ Could’ve Done More For Less”

‘Encanto’ Has Style But Lacks Any Real Substance

I was watching an Indigenous man on social media respond to a commenter upset that he makes posts that don’t focus on Indigenous/Native American history and practices. He just makes common posts like others. It seems a current trend that non-white people are expected to focus on the mystics and folklore of their culture orContinue reading “‘Encanto’ Has Style But Lacks Any Real Substance”

‘Tragedy Of MacBeth” More Than Just Sound And Fury

William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of MacBeth, or commonly just MacBeth, is my favorite of all his plays. I believe A Midsummer Night’s Dream is probably the best comedy that I like. Hamlet is good but overrated and Romeo and Juliet is more about the dangers of adults feuding that it corrupts youth rather than aContinue reading “‘Tragedy Of MacBeth” More Than Just Sound And Fury”

‘Red Notice’ Tries Too Hard To Start A Franchise That Its Plot Gets Buried

How could an action-adventure-comedy treasure hunt movie starring Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds feel like it belongs unfinished? Red Notice seems more like Firewalker and if anyone remembers that disastrous 1986 movie starring Chuck Norris and Lou Gossett Jr., you know what you’re in for. If anything else like that movie, it provesContinue reading “‘Red Notice’ Tries Too Hard To Start A Franchise That Its Plot Gets Buried”

‘Velvet Underground’ Documentary Examines Band’s Rocky, Brief History

The Velvet Underground, a documentary on AppleTV examines the start of the band and its quick collapse. For many people, they may not have heard of them outside a circle of music fans who consider them a better band than say, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and others who revolutionized theContinue reading “‘Velvet Underground’ Documentary Examines Band’s Rocky, Brief History”

‘Eternals’ Proves The MCU Isn’t Infallible

Back when the Marvel Cinematic Universe started in the late 2000s, it almost seemed like they were stretching things out over several movies, you kinda wondered what it was all building up to and when. I didn’t really care for the first Captain America movie or the Thor‘s first two movies. I barely remember themContinue reading “‘Eternals’ Proves The MCU Isn’t Infallible”