‘Scream 2’ Revisited 25 Years Later

The Scream franchise has been up and down over the years. The lastest characters who were in the fifth installment released earlier this year weren’t even born yet during the events of the first one. The first Scream was a surprise hit mostly for the way it didn’t take itself too seriously. In an attemptContinue reading “‘Scream 2’ Revisited 25 Years Later”

‘Collision Course’ Crashes And Burns Magnificiently

Jay Leno was the best person to take over The Tonight Show after Johnny Carson. And by that, I mean, he was plain and simple. Imagine that act that followed The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. No one can remember without a Google search. Leno was making commercials for Doritos when he was finally selected asContinue reading “‘Collision Course’ Crashes And Burns Magnificiently”

Type O Negative To ‘Blood Relatives’

Blood Relatives reminds me of those low-budget independent movies that used to come out in the 1990s. They were quirky and sometimes very good. But mostly they were about concepts the big Hollywood studios wouldn’t touch. And then after you’d rent them from the video store, you’d realize why. The concept behind this movie worksContinue reading “Type O Negative To ‘Blood Relatives’”

‘Slumberland’ Is A Snoozer

Back in 1992, Barry Levinson and Robin Williams reunited following the success of Good Morning, Vietnam for a family movie called Toys. The commercials made it look like a great movie. There were amazing set designs and costumes. Unfortunately, there was nothing beyond that. Williams had used all his A-game material in Aladdin previously releasedContinue reading “‘Slumberland’ Is A Snoozer”

‘Christmas Story’ Sequel Shows Ralphie All Grown Up But Things Seem The Same

A Christmas Story has become an iconic Christmas holiday movie since it hit theaters in mid-November 1983 that it’s almost a surprise to hear by Christmas Day of that year, the movie was only playing in a hundred of venues or so as the studio felt it had run its course. The movie based onContinue reading “‘Christmas Story’ Sequel Shows Ralphie All Grown Up But Things Seem The Same”

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Hits Its Target Deadeye

Top Gun was the epitome of the 1980s with its MTV-style action scenes, jamming soundtrack by Kenny Loggins of all people and cool machismo bravada that hid the homoeroticism of the era. People didn’t even realize until many years later it was a two-hour recruitment movie for the U.S. Naval Aviation division. The movie wasContinue reading “‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Hits Its Target Deadeye”

Why ‘Home Alone 2’ Is Actually A Biblical Horror Movie

The first Home Alone was a suprise hit that catapulted a young child actor named Macaulay Culkin to the A-list star status that would quickly end abruptly in 1994 when Culkin stopped acting for about a decade. Most of it was because of personal problems with his father/manager Kit Culkin. The first movie was aboutContinue reading “Why ‘Home Alone 2’ Is Actually A Biblical Horror Movie”

Thanksgiving Is About Robbery And Revenge In’Tower Heist’

Thanksgiving seems to be a holiday Hollywood shies away from. You either have it used as a backdrop to The Ice Storm or as a plot point in Boomerang. There’s Home for the Holidays which is now more memorable for being the time Robert Downey Jr. was at the worst of his substance abuse. TowerContinue reading “Thanksgiving Is About Robbery And Revenge In’Tower Heist’”

Bad Diagnosis For ‘The Good Nurse’

The Good Nurse is the typical movie an Oscar winner makes after they win an Oscar. And by that, I mean it’s not too good. Remember Michael Caine having to miss the Oscars ceremony to do reshoots on Jaws: The Revenge. Maybe that’s why Jessica Chastain signed on because it would’ve have almost guarenteed herContinue reading “Bad Diagnosis For ‘The Good Nurse’”

Cliched Horror Movie Is Nothing To ‘Smile’ About

The marketing behind Smile was great. Placing people at sporting events who have to smile for hours on end is both hilarious and creepy. It was a great marketing campaign to draw up enough interest in a movie that fails to live up to it. That’s a shame, because I was really anticiapting this movie.Continue reading “Cliched Horror Movie Is Nothing To ‘Smile’ About”