‘Chip ‘N Dale’ Rescues Live-Action/Animated Movie Genre

Chip ‘n Dale’s Rescue Rangers wasn’t a TV show that I was really interested in. I don’t know why. I was at that age I guess where things change. I had liked Duck Tales and Muppet Babies but I was in what they call now my tweens when the show began. I may have caughtContinue reading “‘Chip ‘N Dale’ Rescues Live-Action/Animated Movie Genre”

How Obscure ‘Wild Palms’ Series Foreshadowed The Future

While most people are pointing to The Simpsons and Family Guy for their odd predictions of the future events, one 1990s TV show is rarely ever mentioned. It’s no surprise. Wild Palms, which aired this week in 1993 on ABC has been mostly forgotten after it was hyped up a lot especially for a TVContinue reading “How Obscure ‘Wild Palms’ Series Foreshadowed The Future”

‘Winning Time’ Presents Rough Gameplan for L.A. Lakers

The turmoil surrounding the 1979-1980 season of the Los Angeles Lakers was one that would eventually be made into a movie or series. There were so many incidents that happened on the court and especially off that one would think they came from the mind of a writer. Winning Time: The Rise of Lakers DynastyContinue reading “‘Winning Time’ Presents Rough Gameplan for L.A. Lakers”

‘Candy’ Leaves Both Pleasant And Bitter Taste

WARNING: This post may contain possible spoilers! Hulu’s limited series Candy details the infamous 1980 brutally killing of Betty Gore, a former middle school teacher, in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Wylie, Texas. And like most true-crime series, there’s something good for it and something bad. Like the titular character, it can be very fillingContinue reading “‘Candy’ Leaves Both Pleasant And Bitter Taste”

‘Moon Knight’ Never Finds Its Shining Armor

I’m not the best person to review the Moon Knight series on Disney-Plus. I guess I’m coming in as the layperson reviewer. The latest series in the MCU follows Oscar Isaac as a man with dissociative identity disorder who appears as three characters but we never know which is which. As Marc Spector he isContinue reading “‘Moon Knight’ Never Finds Its Shining Armor”

Julia Roberts’ Performance Keeps ‘Gaslit’ Aglow

The Watergate scandal happened almost 50 years ago. What was initially a low-level breaking and entering case turned into a national scandal that divided people even more and caused a U.S. President to resign. This story has been told before several times, most famously in All the President’s Men. But what has hardly been mentionedContinue reading “Julia Roberts’ Performance Keeps ‘Gaslit’ Aglow”

‘V’ Showed Us Aliens Have A Facist Agenda

Following the success of Star Wars in 1977, movie/television producers and studios went through an explosion of sci-fi related movies and shows. There was Battlestar Galactica, Battle Beyong the Stars and even Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Most of these were poorly received. So, when Kenneth Johnson, who had worked on The Bionic Woman andContinue reading “‘V’ Showed Us Aliens Have A Facist Agenda”

‘Captive Audience’ Intimate Interviewees Keep Documentary Watchable

The truth behind Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story is that true-crime stories never really do have happy endings. Why Hulu and filmmaker Jessica Dimmock made a three-part docuseries on this case, I’m guessing, is to shut down the sensationalism of true-crime that has sprung up in recent years with countless limited series, podcastsContinue reading “‘Captive Audience’ Intimate Interviewees Keep Documentary Watchable”

Reviving ‘King Of The Hill’ Ain’t Right

While that Hank Hill jpeg remix is becoming popular on social media, news has come out earlier this year that Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, who created the series King of the Hill, are considering reviving it. This could be very good or it could be very awful. Some TV shows only live within theContinue reading “Reviving ‘King Of The Hill’ Ain’t Right”

‘The Thing About Pam’ Is Shameless Sensationalism And Exploitation

If there is one good thing to say about The Thing About Pam is thank Allah they didn’t stretch this out to about 10 hours the way Netflix did with Inventing Anna. Thankfully, this true-crime limited series keeps everything short, mainly because there’s not much there. NBC is known for stretching it Dateline episodes outContinue reading “‘The Thing About Pam’ Is Shameless Sensationalism And Exploitation”