‘Crime Story’ A Waste Of Time, Talent And Tax Incentives

I only watched the movie Crime Story because a friend of mine from college was in it as an extra. Appearing as an extra in movies like these might help boost some into the local economy, but this movie is so awful, it’s an assault on the tax incentives from the Georgia Film Commission. RichardContinue reading “‘Crime Story’ A Waste Of Time, Talent And Tax Incentives”

‘Eternals’ Proves The MCU Isn’t Infallible

Back when the Marvel Cinematic Universe started in the late 2000s, it almost seemed like they were stretching things out over several movies, you kinda wondered what it was all building up to and when. I didn’t really care for the first Captain America movie or the Thor‘s first two movies. I barely remember themContinue reading “‘Eternals’ Proves The MCU Isn’t Infallible”

‘Galaxy Quest’ A Hilarious Journey Into Fandom

Alan Rickman died on this day, Jan. 14 in 2016. It came as a shock to a lot of people as he was suffering from pancreatic cancer. It had been diagnosed the previous August when he suffered a minor stroke. Despite the terminal illness, he didn’t tell many people. A month shy of his 70thContinue reading “‘Galaxy Quest’ A Hilarious Journey Into Fandom”

‘CODA’ Sings An Unspoken (And Unheard) Tune

A Quiet Place II was the first movie in a while during the pandemic to reach over the $100 million mark. The inevitable sequel to the 2018 hit features Millicent Simmonds, a young actress who is deaf. Much of the first movie was done with the actors using American Sign Language. Director John Krasinki putContinue reading “‘CODA’ Sings An Unspoken (And Unheard) Tune”

‘Mother/Android’ Dark, Dull, Depressing

For the past five years of so, Hollywood has been trying so much to sexualize Chloe Grace Moretz that I think she’s choosing to do movies like Mother/Android to show that she’s not a piece of meat. That Neighbors sequel seem to care more about her in a bikini than anything else and even beforeContinue reading “‘Mother/Android’ Dark, Dull, Depressing”

‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ Is Cute And Charming But Gets Bogged Down In Anti-Technology Theme

Ron’s Gone Wrong starts out with a lot of promise. Imagine a future world where all children had their own B-bots, these little egg-shaped robots with a built in algorithm that could know everything about us just by one simple touch. Their design according to designer Marc Weidell is to help people make friends. OfContinue reading “‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ Is Cute And Charming But Gets Bogged Down In Anti-Technology Theme”

‘Finch’ Explores The Emotions Of Artificial Intelligence

Leave it to Tom Hanks to turn a post-apocalyptic dystopia movie where the Earth (or America) is a barren wasteland into a cutesy movie about an aging man, a dog and his android. It’s actually a philosophical movie on the idea that artificial intelligence can express emotions (such as love, joy and amusement) if exposedContinue reading “‘Finch’ Explores The Emotions Of Artificial Intelligence”

No New Insights From ‘The Eyes Of Tammy Faye’

More than likely, Jessica Chastain will get an Oscar nomination for her role as the late Tammy Faye Messner (formerly Tammy Faye Bakker). She’s got a Golden Globe nomination and several other wins and nominations in other contests. Her role as the disgraced wife guilty by association to Jim Bakker, a convict and charlatan, isContinue reading “No New Insights From ‘The Eyes Of Tammy Faye’”

‘The Guilty’ Spotlights Jake Gyllenhaal’s Talents

I’m sure Taylor Swift and her fans don’t like Jake Gyllenhaal. There was a joke on Family Guy comparing him to Jared Leto and how he probably a dick in real life. As the son of director Stephen Gyllenhaal, he’s entered into his fourth decade of appearing in movies, starting with a role as BillyContinue reading “‘The Guilty’ Spotlights Jake Gyllenhaal’s Talents”

‘The Exorcist’ Scares Up The Christmas Holiday Season

Imagine if a young Jamie Lee Curtis had played Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist? That was William Friedkin’s intention one day almost 50 years ago when he made a phone call to Curtis’ mother Janet Leigh. As the Halloween actress would later recall, the call was very short as after hearing for a bit, LeighContinue reading “‘The Exorcist’ Scares Up The Christmas Holiday Season”