‘Fright Night’ Brought Queer Horror To The Reaganeighties

By the time Fright Night hit theaters in early August 1985, HIV/AIDS was becoming more known in the heartland. It may have been still referred to as the “gay cancer” in some circles but more people were taking it seriously. A week before Fright Night hit theaters, Rock Hudson had announced to the world thatContinue reading “‘Fright Night’ Brought Queer Horror To The Reaganeighties”

‘Deep Blue Sea’ Remains One Of The Best Killer Shark Flicks

In college, I worked as a night supervisor for the housing department. This meant from about 10 p.m. to 4 a.m., I was assigned to one or more residence halls, where I would make sure all the doors are properly secured and things aren’t getting too out of hand. It wasn’t that bad and usually,Continue reading “‘Deep Blue Sea’ Remains One Of The Best Killer Shark Flicks”

‘Sleepaway Camp’ Has Little Thrills But One Helluva Twist

By the fall of 1983 when Sleepaway Camp was released, slasher movies were beginning their downturn. It’s easier to see this is a lower knock-off of Friday the 13th, itself an attempt to cash in on the success of Halloween. At this point, filmmakers had to have an ace up their sleeve to keep itContinue reading “‘Sleepaway Camp’ Has Little Thrills But One Helluva Twist”

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, Wake Me Up From A ‘Summer Camp Nightmare’

Summer Camp Nightmare is a misleading title especially for a movie released in 1987 as the slasher craze had ruled movie theaters earlier that decade. Even the movie poster art is misleading with one featuring a drawing of a woman screaming (as above), another with a photo of a young woman brandishing a knife. IfContinue reading “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, Wake Me Up From A ‘Summer Camp Nightmare’”

‘A Perfect Getaway’ Keeps Viewers On Their Toes

The best thing a movie can is to make you want to go back and watch it from the start, especially in a case like A Perfect Getaway. Part of the success of The Sixth Sense was people going to see it again to see what they missed and how they missed it. Not toContinue reading “‘A Perfect Getaway’ Keeps Viewers On Their Toes”

‘Jaws’ Still Has Its Bite

When Jaws hit the theaters in the summe of 1975, it came after a very long and difficult production that would determine whether the young director Steven Spielberg would have a career in movies or would drift through the TV wasteland of forgotten cop dramas and canceled too earlied sitcoms. Nicknamed Flaws by the productionContinue reading “‘Jaws’ Still Has Its Bite”

How ‘The Thing’ Became A Horror Classic

John Carpenter seemed to be on fire by the time The Thing opened on June 25, 1982. Halloween was a surprise hit followed by The Fog and Escape From New York, both of which had been modest hits. But as any Hollywood actor, producer or director will tell you, you’re only as good as yourContinue reading “How ‘The Thing’ Became A Horror Classic”

‘Creepshow’ Makes Us Remember How Important Father’s Day Is

Father’s Day is this weekend and it’s hard, if you’re a horror fan, not to think of Creepshow. The holiday plays a special role in the 1982 horror anthology movie which marries the mind of Stephen King with the mind of George A. Romero. The movie is an ode to the old Tales from theContinue reading “‘Creepshow’ Makes Us Remember How Important Father’s Day Is”

School’s Out Forever With ‘Graduation Day’

Graduation Day, released in the mid-spring of 1981, would be mostly forgotten if it wasn’t for two key factors. First off, it’s one of the earliest appearances by a young actress named Vanna White, who would go on to find success as the letter turning on Wheel of Forturne, which she has surprisinly been doingContinue reading “School’s Out Forever With ‘Graduation Day’”

‘Final Exam’ Copies Better Slasher Flicks But Still Makes The Grade

The slasher craze of the 1980s was an odd time in Hollywood. Anyone with a few hundred thousand dollars and some young actors with minimum acting experience could make a movie about a killer who stalks/terrorizes young people. Movies, such as Black Christmas and Halloween, helped to prove you didn’t need a big studio budgetContinue reading “‘Final Exam’ Copies Better Slasher Flicks But Still Makes The Grade”