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Winning Isn’t Everything…

By now, you’ve probably already seen the video of Tulsa little leaguer Isaiah Jarvis comforting Pearland, Texas little league pitcher Kaiden Shleton who was visibly upset over beaning Jarvis in a recent championship game. If this was the majors, they’d been fighting on the mount with the other players coming in for a brawl. InContinue reading “Winning Isn’t Everything…”

Mar-a-Lago Raid Is The Beginning Of The End Of Trump’s Political Career

As of this posting, it’s been less than 36 hours since FBI agents served a search warrant at ther Mar-a-Lago Club. We know they were searching for official records from the National Archives and Records Administration that former President Donald Trump might have allegedly taken unofficially from the White House. First thing foremost, to executeContinue reading “Mar-a-Lago Raid Is The Beginning Of The End Of Trump’s Political Career”

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