‘Vengeance’ Tries To Be ‘Only Murders In Texas’ But Only Shows Dated Stereotypes

A movie like Vengeance is one of those movies you see all over the place being advertised for about a week before it’s in theaters and then it’s quickly pulled and after a while you’d find it in Redbox (or back in the olden days Blockbuster and Hollywood Video). Since it’s distributed through Focus FeaturesContinue reading “‘Vengeance’ Tries To Be ‘Only Murders In Texas’ But Only Shows Dated Stereotypes”

Mike Gundy’s Rant Was Despicable (And We Need To Admit It)

Well, it’s been 15 years to the day Oklahoma State Mike Gundy showed his ass in public. That’s a saying from where I grew up in which someone acts so badly in public over something so trivial. OSU had just won a game against Texas Tech and rather than deliver a press conference which isContinue reading “Mike Gundy’s Rant Was Despicable (And We Need To Admit It)”

‘The Good Son’ Focuses On The Mind Of A Young Sociopath

Warning: This post contains spoilers. By the time The Good Son hit theaters on this date, Sept. 24, 1993, Macaulay Culkin’s star was already starting to fade a little. It wasn’t because he wan’t bankable. It was because his father was making things just to difficult in Hollywood. In the five years, he had goneContinue reading “‘The Good Son’ Focuses On The Mind Of A Young Sociopath”

‘L.A. Confidential’ Still Makes The Bust

Warning: This post contains spoilers about this movie. If you haven’t seen it, please be warned before reading ahead. About three-fourths into L.A. Confidential, the character of Det. Sgt. Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) is fatally shot by Capt. Dudley Smith (James Cromwell). The scene comes without much warning and happens so fast, you realize theContinue reading “‘L.A. Confidential’ Still Makes The Bust”

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Is An Appropriate Title

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a fitting title for a movie so absurdist in its tone and delivery it borders between genius filmmaking and sloppy pretentiousness. And I know I’m going to anger all the film nerds with this review but I liked the movie just enough to sit through it again in theContinue reading “‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Is An Appropriate Title”

‘Hell Of A Cruise’ Takes Us On A Yoyage Of Covid’s Early Days

Peacock’s Hell of a Cruise is an eye-opener as well as a reminder of what Covid-19 was like during the winter of 2020 when no one was aware of what would happen next. At just 78 minutes with credits, it keeps the main focus in their early days in which it just seemed another virusContinue reading “‘Hell Of A Cruise’ Takes Us On A Yoyage Of Covid’s Early Days”

‘Day Shift’ Gets The Job Done

A movie like Day Shift isn’t wanting to win any awards nor bedazzle film students. There’s a time when movies are made just for mindless entertainment. They usually get two and a half stars on average from film critics who can’t fully recommend them, but can’t outright denounce them. Movies are about entertainment and thereContinue reading “‘Day Shift’ Gets The Job Done”

Christians Have Only Themselves To Blame For Lack Of Members

This past week, a study from the Pew Research Center was released in which it was concluded that the numbers of those who consider themselves Christian has been shrinking for years and if the trend continues, Christians will be the minority between 2050 and 2070. However, I feel that trend will be a lot sooner.Continue reading “Christians Have Only Themselves To Blame For Lack Of Members”

‘The Princess’ Spotlights Diana’s Public Life

Twenty-five years have passed since Diana Spencer, the former Princess of Whales, died from injuries she sustained in a car accident in Paris, France. For many the media fascination with Diana was almost instantaneous the moment the young woman, barely 20, was married to then Prince Charles. If you’ve been living under a rock onContinue reading “‘The Princess’ Spotlights Diana’s Public Life”

‘The Game’ Plays You, The Viewer

I know it sounds like a boring Yakov Smirnoff joke. “In America, you play The Game. In Soviet Russia, The Game plays you.” But that’s exactly what it does. Coming from David Fincher as only his third movie following the great thriller Se7en, this is an entirely different movie that seems like a carbon copyContinue reading “‘The Game’ Plays You, The Viewer”