Public Prayer Ruling Is A Solution In Search Of A Lot Of Problems

While overly zealous Christians in America are happy that the case of forner coach Joe Kennedy who was let go from the Bremerton, Wash. school district for a prayer on the 50-yard-line that turned very public, they may have made it harder for their cause. Come the first of August, many football programs will beginContinue reading “Public Prayer Ruling Is A Solution In Search Of A Lot Of Problems”

‘Orville: New Horizons’ Boldly Goes Where Topical TV Has Gone Before

When The Orville premiered on Fox in the Fall of 2017, the show created by Seth MacFarlane, as well as being produced and starring him, probably had many people groaning. What was the creator behind shows like Family Guy and American Dad doing with a sci-fi show in the vein of Star Trek? Was itContinue reading “‘Orville: New Horizons’ Boldly Goes Where Topical TV Has Gone Before”

‘Jaws’ Still Has Its Bite

When Jaws hit the theaters in the summe of 1975, it came after a very long and difficult production that would determine whether the young director Steven Spielberg would have a career in movies or would drift through the TV wasteland of forgotten cop dramas and canceled too earlied sitcoms. Nicknamed Flaws by the productionContinue reading “‘Jaws’ Still Has Its Bite”

Women Came Into Their Own In Many Ways In 1990s Movies

Without a doubt as the 1990s came upon people, times were changing. Women were allowed to be sexy instead of sex objects. Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock duked it out in the theaters on who could give off the more “Girl Next Door” vibes. But there was more going around in these movies. Hillary ClintonContinue reading “Women Came Into Their Own In Many Ways In 1990s Movies”

‘Belfast’ Tells A Story We’ve Seen Too Many Times Before

A movie like Belfast has been made before, and probably will be made again many times I suspect. Directors love to make semi-autobiographical movies. John Boorman did it with Hope and Glory. Barry Levinson did it with Avalon. Greta Gerwig did it with Ladybird. You’d almost wish they’d just do a movie about themselves butContinue reading “‘Belfast’ Tells A Story We’ve Seen Too Many Times Before”

‘Beavis And Butt-head Do The Universe’ Is A Long-Awaited Sequel/Update

Part of the charm of Beavis and Butt-head over the years is how they never acknowledge just how ignorant and unsophisticated they are. They instead think it’s something that makes them better than people who are good at school or have a musical talent. They are two horny teenage boys who have no goals inContinue reading “‘Beavis And Butt-head Do The Universe’ Is A Long-Awaited Sequel/Update”

‘Doctor Strange In The Multiverse’ Of MCU Filler

The problem with the Marvel Cinematic Universe since around 2015 is half of the movies seem to be more about filler material and setting up the next bigger movie. Can anyone really tell me why Ant-Man was so important except introducing Hank Pym and the titular character? And the sequel I can’t remember much ofContinue reading “‘Doctor Strange In The Multiverse’ Of MCU Filler”

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Remains The Master

Since his breakout role as heroin addict Mark Renton in Trainspotting, Ewan McGregor has remained one of the few actors who seems to balance high-profile roles in the Star Wars universe and DCEU as well as maintain his indie film roots and still surprise us. Part of what made his role as Renton different wasContinue reading “‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Remains The Master”

‘Blade Runner’ Turns 40 And Its Influence And Mystique Is Fresh As Ever

There’s a story in Holywood that when Stevie Nicks went to go see Star Wars in 1977, she was surprised when she saw Harrison Ford appear on screen as Han Solo. For you see, Nicks said that Ford used to sell her weed. As a struggling actor, Ford was known to work as a carpenterContinue reading “‘Blade Runner’ Turns 40 And Its Influence And Mystique Is Fresh As Ever”

‘Northman’ Goes South And Stays At Bottom Of Barrel

The Northman is a big steaming pile of dogshit! Even calling it dogshit is insulting to dogshit! At least that can fertilize the lawn. This movie costs anywhere between $70-90 million and didn’t even break even. Maybe it’s because Universal and Focus Features tried their damnedest to portray it as a Braveheart meets Conan theContinue reading “‘Northman’ Goes South And Stays At Bottom Of Barrel”