‘Ernest Scared Stupid’ Killed The Franchise

Jim Varney had been in the public spotlight for many years before his breakthrough role in the 1987 comedy Ernest Goes to Camp, featuring his signature character Ernest P. Worrell in the first of many movies. It was the first of four movies he would make for Disney before the movies became independently produced andContinue reading “‘Ernest Scared Stupid’ Killed The Franchise”

‘Halloween Kills’ Previous Awful Movies In Franchise But Can’t Top The Original

What is it about the Halloween franchise that keeps filmmakers coming back to it over the last 43 years? After it seemed Michael Myers was burnt to a crisp at the end of Halloween II in 1981, the filmmakers tried a noble effort to do an anthology spinoff that failed with Halloween III: Season ofContinue reading “‘Halloween Kills’ Previous Awful Movies In Franchise But Can’t Top The Original”

Audiences Had No ‘Clue’ How Brilliant The Movie Is

Filmmakers have been using gimmicks for years prior to the 1985 release of Clue and still do to this day. William Castle’s horror movies would break the fourth wall and have someone run through the theater in a monster costume. Sometimes the joy of watching a movie is the escapism it provides even for aContinue reading “Audiences Had No ‘Clue’ How Brilliant The Movie Is”

‘The ‘Burbs’ A Killer Parody On Small-Town Americana

When actor/writer Dana Olsen told people what the subject of his script The ‘Burbs was about, he said almost everyone responded by saying, “There was this one house in my hometown…” or “Let me tell you about the family that lived down at the end of the block.” White flight and redlining helped turned small-townContinue reading “‘The ‘Burbs’ A Killer Parody On Small-Town Americana”

‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ Steinbeck Meets Mexican Horror

A movie like From Dusk Till Dawn doesn’t have any right to be as good as it is. Released in the middle of January in 1996 in what is traditionally the “Dump Months” by studios, it starred a hot actor, George Clooney riding high from the TV drama ER; written by a hot screenwriter, QuentinContinue reading “‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ Steinbeck Meets Mexican Horror”

‘Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island’ Is A Killer Addition To The Franchise

By the time Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island was released on the home video market in the fall of 1998, an entire generation had watched the Great Dane mutt who could talk and his gang of youngsters solve mysteries for almost 30 years. It all started off with Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? and went through severalContinue reading “‘Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island’ Is A Killer Addition To The Franchise”

‘The Dead Zone’ Remains One Of Stephen King’s Best Adaptations

Recently on a friend of mine’s YouTube series, they were discussing the movie The Dead Zone. It came up in passing with they were talking with Christopher Burke, a composer and producer, who famously did the music score for The Toxic Avenger and other movies. They said they didn’t think TDZ was one of DavidContinue reading “‘The Dead Zone’ Remains One Of Stephen King’s Best Adaptations”

No Special Treats For ‘Reservation Dogs’

The following contains spoilers so if you haven’t watched the complete first season of Reservation Dogs, I’ll be giving away some details. When I first heard about six months ago, there were going to be filming the first season of Reservation Dogs here in Oklahoma, about an hour from where I live, I paid goodContinue reading “No Special Treats For ‘Reservation Dogs’”

‘What Lies Beneath’ Is A Great Ode To Hitchcock

In college, I worked as a night supervisor for the Student Housing Department. My job was mostly to walk around a dorm or residence hall between 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. to make sure no doors were propped open and people were keeping themselves at a relatively low volume. You wouldn’t believe what can happenContinue reading “‘What Lies Beneath’ Is A Great Ode To Hitchcock”