‘Halloween Kills’ Previous Awful Movies In Franchise But Can’t Top The Original

What is it about the Halloween franchise that keeps filmmakers coming back to it over the last 43 years? After it seemed Michael Myers was burnt to a crisp at the end of Halloween II in 1981, the filmmakers tried a noble effort to do an anthology spinoff that failed with Halloween III: Season ofContinue reading “‘Halloween Kills’ Previous Awful Movies In Franchise But Can’t Top The Original”

‘Muppets Haunted Mansion’ Cute But Not Top Form

Muppets Haunted Mansion on Disney-Plus is a nice, okay Halloween special but it does have some problems that does keep it from the highs of the Jim Henson era. I’m just going to get this out of the way right now, because it seems to be a lot of the criticism I’m seeing. Matt VogelContinue reading “‘Muppets Haunted Mansion’ Cute But Not Top Form”

‘Black Christmas’ The Original Nightmare Before Xmas

In the 2004 Bravo show 100 Scariest Movie Moments, Olivia Hussey, who appeared in the 1974 original Black Christmas recalled how she was brought into audition with Steve Martin for the 1987 romcom Roxanne. She said Martin was very excited and happy telling Hussey he had been wanting to meet her for years as sheContinue reading “‘Black Christmas’ The Original Nightmare Before Xmas”

Why Dave Chappelle’s Words Can Be Dangerous

Let me start by saying that I haven’t seen Dave Chappelle’s recent stand-up special The Closer on Netlfix in which he makes comments about transgendered people that some find offensive. I also don’t think Chappelle is really that funny to begin with. I think he’s still trying to ride the success of Chappelle Show, whichContinue reading “Why Dave Chappelle’s Words Can Be Dangerous”

Audiences Had No ‘Clue’ How Brilliant The Movie Is

Filmmakers have been using gimmicks for years prior to the 1985 release of Clue and still do to this day. William Castle’s horror movies would break the fourth wall and have someone run through the theater in a monster costume. Sometimes the joy of watching a movie is the escapism it provides even for aContinue reading “Audiences Had No ‘Clue’ How Brilliant The Movie Is”

Workers Are Mad As Hell And They’re Not Going To Take It Anymore

In his 1931 movie City Lights, Charlie Chaplin appearing as The Tramp is working in a factory in which he is tested for a new device that the company bigwigs want to install that will allow the employers to eat while they work. It’s a comical piece of slapstick but there’s always a painful truthContinue reading “Workers Are Mad As Hell And They’re Not Going To Take It Anymore”

Social Media Snafu Is Not A Bad Coincidence

Just 20 years ago, something like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram was a foreign idea to people. There was College Club and Friendster but many of those had trouble working most of the time. I steered clear of MySpace because my first instinct was that it was a dating website and I was in a strongContinue reading “Social Media Snafu Is Not A Bad Coincidence”

Why ‘They Live’ Needs A TV Series Continuation

Sometimes, directors do their better and best work after a noble failure from a previous project. David Lynch made Blue Velvet after the failure of Dune. Even though I didn’t like it that much, Brokeback Mountain was a smaller movie for Ang Lee after the disappointment of Hulk and garnered him an Best Director OscarContinue reading “Why ‘They Live’ Needs A TV Series Continuation”

‘The Invisible Man’ Should Be Seen By All

It’s a shame that The Invisible Man had to be quickly sidelined by the Covid-19 pandemic and the closure of movie theaters. Made on a meager $7 million budget, it reportedly earned over $143 million worldwide. It’s a rare sci-fi horror movie that actually has a good story, direction and action behind it as wellContinue reading “‘The Invisible Man’ Should Be Seen By All”

‘The ‘Burbs’ A Killer Parody On Small-Town Americana

When actor/writer Dana Olsen told people what the subject of his script The ‘Burbs was about, he said almost everyone responded by saying, “There was this one house in my hometown…” or “Let me tell you about the family that lived down at the end of the block.” White flight and redlining helped turned small-townContinue reading “‘The ‘Burbs’ A Killer Parody On Small-Town Americana”