‘The Passion’ Is A Prime Example Of Modern Day Christianity

About 20 years ago, I was reading how Mel Gibson was working on a movie called at the time The Passion. This was after I had seen him in Signs, a part in which he played a grieving farmer and former pastor going through spiritual doubt after his wife was killed in a traffic accident.Continue reading “‘The Passion’ Is A Prime Example Of Modern Day Christianity”

They’ll Never Be Another Actor/Comic Like ‘Gilbert’

The first time I think I saw Gilbert Gottfried was in a movie released in 1985 called Bad Medicine. He was in a small supporting role as a Tony Sandoval, the weasally assitant to Dr. Ramon Madera (Alan Arkin) in the medical comedy, which also starred Steve Gutenberg, Julie Hagerty and Curtis Armstrong. The movieContinue reading “They’ll Never Be Another Actor/Comic Like ‘Gilbert’”

‘Caddyshack’ Is Still Alright

While the Masters have come and gone in Augusta, Ga. as of this posting with the winner being Scott Scheffler, it’s hard to watch Caddyshack and even think about the Masters the same way again. The winner in my mind will also be Carl Spackler (Bill Murray), the grizzled but not too bright assistant greenskeeperContinue reading “‘Caddyshack’ Is Still Alright”

‘Deadlock’ Showcases Downfall Of Bruce Willis’ Health And Career

A movie like Deadlock is a sad reminder of Bruce Willis’ career as well a painful display of the aphasia that is afflicting him. I first heard of this movie about 14 months ago when I saw a posting on Instagram by one of its cast members, Kelly Lynn Reiter, who was so happy toContinue reading “‘Deadlock’ Showcases Downfall Of Bruce Willis’ Health And Career”

‘Last Night In Soho’ Is A Lynchian Thriller

Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho is the director’s attempt to pull off a David Lynchian style thriller that focuses more on dreams and perceptions of reality. And like most David Lynch movies, the second half is way different than the first half. But Wright doesn’t take Lynch’s gutsy attempt to make a thriller thatContinue reading “‘Last Night In Soho’ Is A Lynchian Thriller”

How ‘April Fool’s Day’ Divided Horror Fans Forever

PLEASE NOTE: This post contains many spoilers. If you haven’t seen this movie, please do not read any further. This is also the 1986 American movie not the 1986 British slasher horror movie Slaughter High also titled April Fool’s Day in some markets. A movie like April Fool’s Day reminds me of the line fromContinue reading “How ‘April Fool’s Day’ Divided Horror Fans Forever”

‘Color Of Night’ Set The Tone For Bruce Willis’ Career

With the recent announcement that Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with aphasia, he is set to retire. Last year, he released seven movies, all of which didn’t get good reviews and most of them went to video on demand. It seems for the past 10 years, Willis was just making these movies only for theContinue reading “‘Color Of Night’ Set The Tone For Bruce Willis’ Career”

‘CODA’ Should Be The Beginning, Not The End

While Will Smith’s stuck-up arrogant attitude has overshadowed the 2022 Oscars, people need to realize that CODA, which won three awards, and should be an inspiration for people everywhere not just those who are deaf of hard of hearing and a call for change. I was watching Tropic Thunder the other day. This movie cameContinue reading “‘CODA’ Should Be The Beginning, Not The End”

‘The VelociPastor’ Is The Movie We Need Right Now

If you have access to Amazon Prime or at least Tubi, you should check out The VelociPastor, a low-budget action comedy horror that needs to be seen. Edward D. Wood Jr. would’ve made a movie like this back in the day. The movie starts out within the first few minutes of showing how cheap itContinue reading “‘The VelociPastor’ Is The Movie We Need Right Now”

The Oscars (And Movies) Are Stuck In Arrested Development

Why do people hate the Oscars? Can someone identify all the gunmen aiming their weapons at people’s heads forcing them to watch the Oscars? The reason people don’t watch the Oscars anymore is because a lot of Millennials and Gen Xers don’t have access to cable/satellite TV. And they’re not going to pay the $65Continue reading “The Oscars (And Movies) Are Stuck In Arrested Development”