‘Night Of The Creeps’ Is A Sci-Fi/Horror Classic

In 2006, James Gunn’s directorial debut Slither opened and it probably had people scratching their heads as if they had seen this before. Just as his movie, Super, looked like it had been similar to Kick-Ass, Gunn said it was merely a coincidence and had the script completed by the time that graphic novel hitContinue reading “‘Night Of The Creeps’ Is A Sci-Fi/Horror Classic”

Zack Snyder Cut Brings Some ‘Justice’ To DCEU Crossover Movie

It still boggles my mind to how some Hollywood producers and even moviegoers can’t grasp how the MCU and the DCEU movies should work. When Batman’s A Death in the Family story came out in the late 1980s, I scooped the book up at a Piggly Wiggly newsstand and was quick to discover that SupermanContinue reading “Zack Snyder Cut Brings Some ‘Justice’ To DCEU Crossover Movie”

Greed And Decadence At The Heart Of ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’

A movie like Weekend at Bernie’s isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. It’s a movie about two guys who parade their dead boss around for two-thirds of the run time to give the impression he’s alive. It was directed by Ted Kotcheff, who made the first First Blood movie and written by Robert Klane, whoContinue reading “Greed And Decadence At The Heart Of ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’”

‘Forrest Gump’ Insists Upon Itself (And Jenny Deserved Better)

I am by far no fan of Forrest Gump. If there was ever a movie that should’ve never won the Best Picture Oscar, it should be Forrest Gump. Schindler’s List was such a serious important movie that I think Hollywood just decided to throw its hands up give it to a movie that is basicallyContinue reading “‘Forrest Gump’ Insists Upon Itself (And Jenny Deserved Better)”

Good Fortune For ‘Friday The 13th’ Gives Life To New Subgenre

Halloween and Black Christmas may have birthed the slasher genre in its present form, but Friday the 13th proved its no fluke. In the 1970s, horror movies were either trying to copy the devil elements or focusing on haunted houses and strange occurrences. Then in 1974, a little Canadian movie, Black Christmas, opened and wasContinue reading “Good Fortune For ‘Friday The 13th’ Gives Life To New Subgenre”

‘Freaky’ A Fly Flick For Friday The 13th

In the 1980s, there were two genres that seemed like they were out of control. The first one was the slasher genre, which were cheaply made, mostly with the advantage of Canadian tax breaks, to make a few extra bucks. The other was the body-switching genre. This trend started with the awful Like Father, LikeContinue reading “‘Freaky’ A Fly Flick For Friday The 13th”

‘Young Guns’ The Old West Meets The Brat Pack/MTV Generation

By the 1980s, western movies weren’t so popular after the massive disappointment that is Heaven’s Gate. By the time Young Guns hit theaters on this date, Aug. 12 in 1988, you could count the number of westerns released following the aforementioned box office and critical bomb on your hand and still have some fingers leftContinue reading “‘Young Guns’ The Old West Meets The Brat Pack/MTV Generation”

‘The Sixth Sense’ Earned Its Twist

One of my writing professors, Peter Christopher, who passed away in 2008, used to ask four simple words whenever there was a twist in a story. Did they earn it? Too often, movies use twists when they really mean cheats. Case in point the movie Haute Tension when the protagonist and the killer are oneContinue reading “‘The Sixth Sense’ Earned Its Twist”

Forty Years Of Taking A Ride On ‘Heavy Metal’

I saw Heavy Metal for the first time the way a lot of people of the 1980s and 1990s saw it, on late-night cable TV. The very R-rated animated feature, based on the magazine of the same, consisted of several vignettes, wasn’t available in any video rental places thanks to licensing disagreements. In the earlyContinue reading “Forty Years Of Taking A Ride On ‘Heavy Metal’”

‘Big Trouble In Little China’ Has An Even Bigger Legacy

John Carpenter is one of the rarest filmmakers still living. He continues to operate on the fringes of Hollywood for almost 50 years. While other directors would’ve eventually took the bigger projects, agreed to studio notes and suggested casting decisions to make a few blockbusters and maybe an Oscar winner or two, that’s not theContinue reading “‘Big Trouble In Little China’ Has An Even Bigger Legacy”