‘Frailty’ Thy Name Is Bill Paxton’s Great Horror Masterpiece

When Bill Paxton passed away in 2017, his death came as a surprise to everyone. At 61, he seemed to be in perfect health, but he had a damaged aortic heart valve most of his life and on Feb. 14 of that year, he underwent open heart surgery and this led to complications that resultedContinue reading “‘Frailty’ Thy Name Is Bill Paxton’s Great Horror Masterpiece”

We Need To Talk About ‘Halloween III’

All film franchises have that one movie that is, for lack of a better word, a bastardization. A Nightmare on Elm Street had its version with the homoerotic Freddy’s Revenge in which it was Freddy Krueger working through a troubled teenage boy. This strayed from going after being in their dreams. Friday the 13th angeredContinue reading “We Need To Talk About ‘Halloween III’”

‘Black Christmas’ The Original Nightmare Before Xmas

In the 2004 Bravo show 100 Scariest Movie Moments, Olivia Hussey, who appeared in the 1974 original Black Christmas recalled how she was brought into audition with Steve Martin for the 1987 romcom Roxanne. She said Martin was very excited and happy telling Hussey he had been wanting to meet her for years as sheContinue reading “‘Black Christmas’ The Original Nightmare Before Xmas”

Why ‘They Live’ Needs A TV Series Continuation

Sometimes, directors do their better and best work after a noble failure from a previous project. David Lynch made Blue Velvet after the failure of Dune. Even though I didn’t like it that much, Brokeback Mountain was a smaller movie for Ang Lee after the disappointment of Hulk and garnered him an Best Director OscarContinue reading “Why ‘They Live’ Needs A TV Series Continuation”

‘The Invisible Man’ Should Be Seen By All

It’s a shame that The Invisible Man had to be quickly sidelined by the Covid-19 pandemic and the closure of movie theaters. Made on a meager $7 million budget, it reportedly earned over $143 million worldwide. It’s a rare sci-fi horror movie that actually has a good story, direction and action behind it as wellContinue reading “‘The Invisible Man’ Should Be Seen By All”

Sleepy Hollow Gets Disney Treatment

For the most part, I learned about the Robin Hood legend from the animated Disney movie from the 1970s in which the animals were portraying the characters. Disney also introduced me to another work of literature with The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. Released in 1949, the animated movie was a two-parter first focusingContinue reading “Sleepy Hollow Gets Disney Treatment”

In Memory Of A ‘Baadasssss’ Filmmaker

Melvin Van Peebles passed away recently on Sept. 22 at the age of 89. He was a filmmaker and actor, even though you may not remember him in many things. I first saw him on an episode of the HBO sex comedy Dream On. He had a small role in the Eddie Murphy movie Boomerang.Continue reading “In Memory Of A ‘Baadasssss’ Filmmaker”

‘Crimewave’ Isn’t Gangbusters But As A First Offense Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Every famous director has that one movie they’re not proud of. Steven Spielberg doesn’t think too highly of Hook or 1941. When Martin Scorsese showed Boxcar Bertha to John Cassavettes, the late actor-director reportedly called it “piece of shit” and told Scorsese he should work on better things. Sam Raimi, who has gone in 40Continue reading “‘Crimewave’ Isn’t Gangbusters But As A First Offense Shouldn’t Be Overlooked”

Religious Themed Movies Play Up Negative Stereotypes

At 43 years old, I’ve never lived anywhere but the “Bible Belt” even though I’m left wondering why that belt is getting so much bigger. And over the last 25-30 years, more religious based movies have become more popular for all the wrong reasons. About 20 years ago, you could got to any house inContinue reading “Religious Themed Movies Play Up Negative Stereotypes”

‘The Cabin In The Woods’ Great Concept, So-So Execution

Let be preface this by saying that this all contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it, I’m going to break it all down. A movie like The Cabin in the Woods tries to do what Scream does by exposing the tropes in horror movies. It’s hard for some people who grew up with horrorContinue reading “‘The Cabin In The Woods’ Great Concept, So-So Execution”