‘Crimewave’ Isn’t Gangbusters But As A First Offense Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Every famous director has that one movie they’re not proud of. Steven Spielberg doesn’t think too highly of Hook or 1941. When Martin Scorsese showed Boxcar Bertha to John Cassavettes, the late actor-director reportedly called it “piece of shit” and told Scorsese he should work on better things. Sam Raimi, who has gone in 40Continue reading “‘Crimewave’ Isn’t Gangbusters But As A First Offense Shouldn’t Be Overlooked”

Religious Themed Movies Play Up Negative Stereotypes

At 43 years old, I’ve never lived anywhere but the “Bible Belt” even though I’m left wondering why that belt is getting so much bigger. And over the last 25-30 years, more religious based movies have become more popular for all the wrong reasons. About 20 years ago, you could got to any house inContinue reading “Religious Themed Movies Play Up Negative Stereotypes”

‘The Cabin In The Woods’ Great Concept, So-So Execution

Let be preface this by saying that this all contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it, I’m going to break it all down. A movie like The Cabin in the Woods tries to do what Scream does by exposing the tropes in horror movies. It’s hard for some people who grew up with horrorContinue reading “‘The Cabin In The Woods’ Great Concept, So-So Execution”

‘Jack’s Back’ A Surprise Hitchcockian Mystery

A movie like Jack’s Back seems like your typical 1988 slasher. The plot revolves around a serial killer in the Los Angeles area who is copycatting the infamous Jack the Ripper killings that happened in 1888. The crimes are very similar to the ones in London, even happening on the exact dates 100 years apart.Continue reading “‘Jack’s Back’ A Surprise Hitchcockian Mystery”

The Original ‘Candyman’ Is A Brilliant Horror Classic

I haven’t seen the recently released Candyman, but the original that was released in the Fall of 1992 is one of my favorite horror movies and an underrated classic. Written and directed by Bernard Rose based on a short story “The Forbidden” by Clive Barker, he does what Alfred Hitchcock used to do with makingContinue reading “The Original ‘Candyman’ Is A Brilliant Horror Classic”

‘Twenty Bucks’ Good Value Of Entertainment

Brendan Fraser has been acting for about 30 years now and after a harsh period in his life and career he seems to be back making stellar movies and TV shows. He recently made No Small Move with Steven Soderbergh and is currently filming Killers of the Flower Moon with Martin Scorsese. At one time,Continue reading “‘Twenty Bucks’ Good Value Of Entertainment”

‘Night Of The Creeps’ Is A Sci-Fi/Horror Classic

In 2006, James Gunn’s directorial debut Slither opened and it probably had people scratching their heads as if they had seen this before. Just as his movie, Super, looked like it had been similar to Kick-Ass, Gunn said it was merely a coincidence and had the script completed by the time that graphic novel hitContinue reading “‘Night Of The Creeps’ Is A Sci-Fi/Horror Classic”

Zack Snyder Cut Brings Some ‘Justice’ To DCEU Crossover Movie

It still boggles my mind to how some Hollywood producers and even moviegoers can’t grasp how the MCU and the DCEU movies should work. When Batman’s A Death in the Family story came out in the late 1980s, I scooped the book up at a Piggly Wiggly newsstand and was quick to discover that SupermanContinue reading “Zack Snyder Cut Brings Some ‘Justice’ To DCEU Crossover Movie”

Greed And Decadence At The Heart Of ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’

A movie like Weekend at Bernie’s isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. It’s a movie about two guys who parade their dead boss around for two-thirds of the run time to give the impression he’s alive. It was directed by Ted Kotcheff, who made the first First Blood movie and written by Robert Klane, whoContinue reading “Greed And Decadence At The Heart Of ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’”

‘Forrest Gump’ Insists Upon Itself (And Jenny Deserved Better)

I am by far no fan of Forrest Gump. If there was ever a movie that should’ve never won the Best Picture Oscar, it should be Forrest Gump. Schindler’s List was such a serious important movie that I think Hollywood just decided to throw its hands up give it to a movie that is basicallyContinue reading “‘Forrest Gump’ Insists Upon Itself (And Jenny Deserved Better)”