‘Scream 2’ Revisited 25 Years Later

The Scream franchise has been up and down over the years. The lastest characters who were in the fifth installment released earlier this year weren’t even born yet during the events of the first one. The first Scream was a surprise hit mostly for the way it didn’t take itself too seriously. In an attemptContinue reading “‘Scream 2’ Revisited 25 Years Later”

‘Collision Course’ Crashes And Burns Magnificiently

Jay Leno was the best person to take over The Tonight Show after Johnny Carson. And by that, I mean, he was plain and simple. Imagine that act that followed The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. No one can remember without a Google search. Leno was making commercials for Doritos when he was finally selected asContinue reading “‘Collision Course’ Crashes And Burns Magnificiently”

Why ‘Home Alone 2’ Is Actually A Biblical Horror Movie

The first Home Alone was a suprise hit that catapulted a young child actor named Macaulay Culkin to the A-list star status that would quickly end abruptly in 1994 when Culkin stopped acting for about a decade. Most of it was because of personal problems with his father/manager Kit Culkin. The first movie was aboutContinue reading “Why ‘Home Alone 2’ Is Actually A Biblical Horror Movie”

Thanksgiving Is About Robbery And Revenge In’Tower Heist’

Thanksgiving seems to be a holiday Hollywood shies away from. You either have it used as a backdrop to The Ice Storm or as a plot point in Boomerang. There’s Home for the Holidays which is now more memorable for being the time Robert Downey Jr. was at the worst of his substance abuse. TowerContinue reading “Thanksgiving Is About Robbery And Revenge In’Tower Heist’”

‘Legend Of Boggy Creek’ Turns 50

While everyone knows The Godfather that came out in 1972 and was one of the biggest blockbusters of all time as well as the biggest money maker of the year, one might be puzzled that The Legend of Boggy Creek was just as profitable. Produced on a measly $160,000 at the time which would’ve beenContinue reading “‘Legend Of Boggy Creek’ Turns 50”

‘Starship Troopers’ Fooled A Lot Of People. Would You Like To Know More?

On the surface, Starship Troopers, released in November of 1997, looked like the typcal bang-bang shoot ’em up sci-fi/horror action movie we’ve seen before. And that’s just what director Paul Verhoeven intended. The movie begins with with young soldiers battling huge bugs that look like a cross between a grasshopper and praying mantis and giantContinue reading “‘Starship Troopers’ Fooled A Lot Of People. Would You Like To Know More?”

‘Duel’ Gave Spielberg His First Win

Duel is often called Steven Spielberg’s first feature movie. This is not exactly the case. His first feature movie is The Sugarland Express released in 1974. Duel was released in theaters, but it first was released through Universal Television as an ABC Movie of the Week on Nov. 13, 1971. It was heavily praised andContinue reading “‘Duel’ Gave Spielberg His First Win”

The Best Batman Movie You May Not Have Heard About

As a Batman fan, I was sadden to hear of the passing of Kevin Conroy due to intestinal cancer on Nov. 10. As an openly gay man, he appeared in many movies and TV shows throughout his life. But in 1992, he was tapped to voice Bruce Wayne/Batman in the landmark Batman: The Animated SeriesContinue reading “The Best Batman Movie You May Not Have Heard About”

‘Bram’s Stoker’s Dracula’ A Wonderful Gothic Horror Movie

Ask someone what they think of when you mention Dracula, and it’s either Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee. Lugosi so embraced the character that rumor has it his dying wishes were to be buried in the vampire cape. As for Lee, he brought the character to the post-WWII Technicolor era through the Hammer films. ThereContinue reading “‘Bram’s Stoker’s Dracula’ A Wonderful Gothic Horror Movie”

‘Full Metal Jacket’ 35 Years Of USMC Hardcore Kubrick Style

In college, we were sitting around the commons area of the dorm and the 1999 Oscars were playing. Stanley Kubrick had just passed away a few weeks early at the age of 70. They were playing snippets of his movies as part of a memoriam. Then, suddenly, Full Metal Jacket came up. And someone inContinue reading “‘Full Metal Jacket’ 35 Years Of USMC Hardcore Kubrick Style”