‘Lethal Weapon’ Gave Us Shane Black’s Love Of Xmas And Violence

Ok, pop quiz. Name a 1980s action movie featuring a guncrazy white cop being aided by a more controlled black cop in dealing with a terrorist organization in the L.A. area. If you mentioned Die Hard, you wouldn’t be wrong. But I’m referring to the first Lethal Weapon that premiered in theaters almost a yearContinue reading “‘Lethal Weapon’ Gave Us Shane Black’s Love Of Xmas And Violence”

‘Ernest Saves Christmas’ Is Jim Varney’s Best

It might seem odd to some people that Jim Varney studied Shakespeare at the Barter Theatre. As a young boy, he was able to memorize poems and passages from books and recite them. He soon learn how to imitate the characters he watched on the cartoons and as a teenager got into theater and actingContinue reading “‘Ernest Saves Christmas’ Is Jim Varney’s Best”

‘First Blood’ At 40: Stallone Shines In His Other Iconic Role

Don’t laugh, but at one time Sylvester Stallone was considered the next Marlon Brando. Following his role as Rocky Balboa in the Oscar-winning Rocky in 1976, Stallone was being acclaimed for his Oscar-nominated role. He was tapped to write and direct the sequel to Rocky, which was a success at the box office and withContinue reading “‘First Blood’ At 40: Stallone Shines In His Other Iconic Role”

‘The Nutcracker’ Lacks Joy And Excitement

Christmastime and The Nutcracker go hand in hand. Even if you’ve never seen the ballet, you know the tunes such as “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies.” So, it seems almost natural after about 100 years after Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote the music, Hollywood would come calling with a big budget spectacle. There haveContinue reading “‘The Nutcracker’ Lacks Joy And Excitement”

‘Rogue One’ Is Star Wars Fan Fiction

SPOILER ALERT!! The above cool-looking image is not shown in Rogue One despite being used in marketing. As I said in previous posts, I’m no fan of Andor, the Disney-Plus series that is a prequel to the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. And as I have said in previous posts, I’m noContinue reading “‘Rogue One’ Is Star Wars Fan Fiction”

‘Jack Frost’ Does Worse Than Nip At Your Nose In Absurd Horror Comedy

I’m not really sure if the filmmakers of the 1997 slasher horror comedy Jack Frost intended to make the movie the way it was. Maybe it intended to be a creepy thriller about a murdering snowman in the vein of Halloween or Friday the 13th. Word is Renny Harlin, who had made Die Hard 2Continue reading “‘Jack Frost’ Does Worse Than Nip At Your Nose In Absurd Horror Comedy”

‘All Creatures Were Stirring’ Is Like ‘Creepshow’ Ordered From Wish

Horror anthologies are always hit or miss. Look at the V/H/S movies. In my opinion, only the first two Creepshow movies and their cousin Tales from the Darkside: The Movie managed to make every story worthwhile. All Creatures Were Stirring wants to be A Christmas Creepshow, but it ends up looking like something you’d usedContinue reading “‘All Creatures Were Stirring’ Is Like ‘Creepshow’ Ordered From Wish”

‘Scarface’ Pushes It To The Limit Because “Nothing Exceeds Like Excess”

Brian DePalma was always one of those directors during the 1960s and 1970s who seemed to be on the finge of Hollywood. So, it’s no surprise that he wasn’t the first choice to direct a remake of the 1932 Howard Hawks original Scarface. It was actually Sidney Lumet who Al Pacino and his manager/film producerContinue reading “‘Scarface’ Pushes It To The Limit Because “Nothing Exceeds Like Excess””

‘The Shining’ Is A Labyrinth Of Horror

My first memory of The Shining is seeing a promo on HBO back in the mid-1980s of Jack Nicholson chasing Danny Lloyd through the snow-covered maze. I had never bothered to watch the movie until my teens when I didn’t really like it. I was wondering why Stanley Kubrick would make such a movie. HeContinue reading “‘The Shining’ Is A Labyrinth Of Horror”

‘Batman Returns’ Is Tim Burton’s Real Nightmare Before Christmas

Love him or hate him, Tim Burton does know how to leave an impression on people with his movies. By 1992, his weird style was still too much for mainstream audiences. It’s probably why most of the fanbase for Nightmare Before Christmas came years later on the home video and cable market, even though BurtonContinue reading “‘Batman Returns’ Is Tim Burton’s Real Nightmare Before Christmas”