‘The Tomorrow War’ Is A Reminder Of Better Movies From Yesterday

Calling a movie The Tomorrow War proves that there isn’t one shred of creativity or originality to be found amid the cliched sci-fi alien invasion action movie. Like some other movies on streaming services this was originally planned to be released in theaters but postponed to Covid. If one thing good came out of theContinue reading “‘The Tomorrow War’ Is A Reminder Of Better Movies From Yesterday”

‘Independence Day’ Takes The Silver In Summer Movie Blockbusters

The image that probably put millions of people in theater seats this month 25 years ago was an alien ship hovering over the White House firing a laser down on it blowing it to smithereens. Who wouldn’t want to see that? I went with my brother and one of his friends and his brother toContinue reading “‘Independence Day’ Takes The Silver In Summer Movie Blockbusters”

July 4 And Independence Day Means Something Different To Everyone

A few weeks ago, I attended a ceremony honoring bicyclists who participated in the Remember The Removal for the Cherokee Nation. I don’t want to post pics here because I don’t want to dishonor the efforts people or make them feel they’re being associated with this post. Also, I showed up late and didn’t getContinue reading “July 4 And Independence Day Means Something Different To Everyone”

Even Freddy Wouldn’t Bother With ‘Fear Street’

I never got into R.L. Stine or Christopher Pike, so I never read the countless Goosebumps and Fear Street or The Last Vampire novels. I would look at them and they seemed such short paperback novels, I wondered what could be there. I was reading Bunnicula books in elementary school and jumped to Stephen KingContinue reading “Even Freddy Wouldn’t Bother With ‘Fear Street’”

‘Terminator 2’ Broke The Mold On Action Movies And Sequels

It was 30 years ago on July 3, 1991 that Terminator 2: Judgment Day hit movie theaters and sequels would never be the same again. The bar had also been lifted on action movies as well. Gone were the days of the Cannon Group action movies that may have had gunfire and explosions but boringContinue reading “‘Terminator 2’ Broke The Mold On Action Movies And Sequels”

Prognosis Negative For ‘False Positive’

Rosemary’s Baby came out 53 years ago and I’ve probably seen it twice, even though I owned a VHS copy I bought for $2 back in the late 1990s at a Blockbuster. I just didn’t think it was that great of a horror movie. Maybe I had seen many other horror movies made within theContinue reading “Prognosis Negative For ‘False Positive’”

Life Is A Constant Journey, Never A Final Destination

I suffer from severe chronic back pain and over the last five years have developed arthritis in my hands and knees among other places. As I type this, my hands are aching. There’s a line from the 2019 movie Joker that goes, “The worst part about having a mental illness is people expect you toContinue reading “Life Is A Constant Journey, Never A Final Destination”

‘The Ice Road’ Hits Too Many Bumps

I knew going into the Netflix action thriller The Ice Road to expect nothing more than an action road B-movie. But Holy Shih Tzu, this is awful with every minute slowing dwindling away with bad dialogue and a bad script. Set in northern Manitopa, a diamond mine collapses trapping about two dozen miners. Laurence FishburneContinue reading “‘The Ice Road’ Hits Too Many Bumps”

Why ‘The Rocketeer’ Crashed

Going into the Summer of 1991 was an odd year for American movies. The month of May had produced two movies with different outcomes no one anticipated. First off, a little road movie called Thelma and Louise starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis had struck a nerve among many filmgoers and people who hadn’t seenContinue reading “Why ‘The Rocketeer’ Crashed”

‘Good On Paper’ Lives Up To Its Title

I didn’t know who Iliza Shlesinger is going into the recently released Netflix movie Good on Paper, but she doesn’t have talent and charisma. I just wish she had been in a better movie. Much to my surprise, she was also in Spenser Confidential, a movie I watched but only remembered enough to recall itContinue reading “‘Good On Paper’ Lives Up To Its Title”