‘The Wolf Of Snow Hollow” Is An Awful Horror Movie That Makes No Sense

WARNING: This contains spoilers, but you’ll thank me.

I didn’t know who Jim Cummings is when I started watching The Wolf of Snow Hollow and I still don’t know how he was able to make a movie like this. If you’re expecting a comedy-horror about a werewolf, go see An American Werewolf in London. This is about a town where the son, John Marshall (Cummings), of Sheriff Hadley (Robert Forster) who acts like a spoiled rotten brat to everyone around him while he investigates killings of people believed to be that of a werewolf.

Only it’s not a werewolf at all. It’s the local taxidermist, Paul Carnury (Will Madden), who the movie introduces in the last 15 minutes. He’s actually a tall person, something John isn’t really aware of even though he must have seen this person around town before. Also, for no explainable reason Paul has been dressing up in a werewolf costume and killing people

None of this makes for a good movie. One might assume that John’s behavior as he suffers from alcoholism means he’s the werewolf. He fires anyone he doesn’t like and threatens legal/criminal action against anyone else. Or it’s his fellow deputy, Julia Robson (Riki Lindhome poorly underused) as she really does nothing but react. Or could it be the sheriff himself as Hadley has poor health and behaves oddly. It could’ve even been John’s daughter, Jeanna (Chloe East), the only three-dimensional character in the movie who is a victim of her father’s neglect and anger.

But no, it’s none of these scenarios. And Cummings in the lead role is just so annoying like a date rapist or a youth minister who turns out to be a pedophile. Cummings also wrote and directed the movie. Supposedly he’s a critics darling as most of his movies and shorts receive good reviews. And that’s the scariest thing about this movie. So many damned critics liked it when they should’ve just turned it off after the first half. What’s worse, is having this be some character introduced in the final act is a total cheat on the audience.

I may not be a professional critic but at least I have the common sense to say when the emperor is not wearing any clothes.

What do you think? Please comment.

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