‘Dug Days’ Funny, Cute Spinoff And Nice Swan Song For Ed Asner

Dug Days on Disney-Plus is a five-episode spinoff series of the movie Up that is a nice follow-up and a fitting unintentional tribune to the life of Ed Asner.

There’s something about that scruffy little golden retriever Dug who was equipped with a voice collar and had an “Aw Shucks!” mentality that made him stand out in the 2009 blockbuster. One of his most memorable scene is when Dug meets Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Asner) with a happy attitude before turning his head to the left and screaming, “Squirrel!” And a few seconds later, he’s back to being happy to see Carl.

The whole series can be viewed within an hour (and that’s including the credits.) Dug (voiced by Bob Peterson) Carl have moved into a new house and a new neighborhood and they are having to deal with a squirrel and a bird. One of the series’ funniest episodes is when Dug gets terrified of the fireworks. While this is a problem with many animals, they come to a solution where both Carl and Dug can enjoy them.

There’s also a nice episode in which Dug plays with some little puppies. Russell, from Up, appears in the fifth and final episode. With Asner, who passed away on Aug. 29 at 91, I wonder if Disney and Pixar will make more episodes with Dug and Russell. Or they may just decide to leave it like it is.

I wasn’t as big of a fan with Up as I was with some other Pixar movies but it has its moments. And Dug, while not too bright and way too gullible, was also very lovable. The performance by Peterson brings Dug more to life, which is interesting because Peterson was not originally a voice actor. Like Elissa Knight from WALL-E, he had worked for Pixar.

Asner seemed to be the perfect voice for Carl, which is why choosing another actor might not be in the best interest. And Up along with his role as Santa Claus in Elf, introduced the veteran actor to a new generation of fans. For fans of The Mary Tyler Moore Show or Lou Grant, they should watch Dug Days with their kids and grandkids

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