Casey Anthony Documentary Hard To Tell ‘Truth’ From ‘Lies’

There’s a lot of things to unpack from the three-part Peacock docuseries Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies. But the biggest one might be – why the hell she hated 14 years to finally say all this? Casey has lied so much over the years, it’s hard to tell when, if at all, she is telling the truth. It’s even harder for someone like myself, because I’ve dealt with people like her in my life. They’ll tell you everything but the truth.

The docuseries is very controversial for a streaming service like Peacock, owned by NBCUniversal, a subsidy of Comcast, giving her this platform. Over a decade ago, Vivid Entertainment, which produces adult movies, offered her a contract and then rescinded it over a public backlash. If the porno industry has more moral and ethics than one of the biggest media conglomerates in America, if not the world, what does that say?

Casey was charged with murder in connection with the death of her daughter, Caylee, only 3, who went missing in 2008 and then was found about 31 days later, depending on who you talk to or believe. Casey points the finger at her parents, George and Cindy, and I must say that I didn’t like them at all. There was just something about this case from the start that didn’t sit well with me. George was a former police officer and Cindy was a Grade-A Karen before we even started using that term. Watching them in interviews, I just wanted to conk their heads together.

Casey alleges that George would molest her when she was a young child and then she accuses her brother of molesting her when she was a young teenager. I don’t doubt that Casey might have been the victim. Her father is kinda creepy. But neither George nor Lee are interviewed and they have denied the allegations. As for the father of Caylee, Casey says it was the result of a rape when she was passed out at a party. As a victim of repeated sexual assaults, I empathize with Casey.

But that doesn’t mean she had to do what she did. And I’m just going to say this but I think she had something to do in connection with the death of Caylee. I also think that George should be suspected. Casey points the finger at her father saying that she had lied down with Caylee to take a nap. Then, George woke her up asking where Caylee is. When they went to go look for her outside, Casey says she found George holding her as she was unconscious. Then, George told Casey that he was going to take care of it all.

And that’s why she spent all those weeks not reporting anything, Casey explains, because she thought her father was taking care of Caylee. There’s so much in this documentary that’s hard to believe because the evidence in the case pointed the other way. Most of the interviewees are people from her legal team or her friends or acquaintances so it’s hard to get a very objective feel.

It also doesn’t help that every few minutes, Casey begins crying so much that she delivers most of her interview in between sobs. It might be sincere but it gets tiresome after a while. And director Alexandria Dean doesn’t lob any hardball questions toward Casey either. Are we to believe that Casey went so long without watching Caylee’s funeral where George makes some creepy implications that that he may have allegedly sexually assaulted the young girl? Casey watches an interview George and Cindy did with Dr. Mehmet Oz, of all people, shortly after George was injured in an accident a few years ago where there are more implications.

That all being said, one thing that never set well with me is how Casey seemed to smile in court after the “not guilty” verdicts were revealed as she awaited to be released. The whole “Zanny the Nanny” thing didn’t make a lot of sense. Why point the finger at someone like that? Did she give Caylee xanax to make her sleep even though it could be dangerous? Some people say yes while she says no. Who do we believe? We don’t know.

All I know is from my own experiences, child murders are usually at first made out to be look like accidents. People want to make it an accident because a lot of times it was a crime of passion. Regardless, a child is dead. Cindy went on TV saying that Caylee could’ve gotten into the pool by accident. The main reason the jury acquitted Casey was because there was no way to determine how Caylee died. By the time, her body had been found, she had been dead a while. The verdict angered me and I was outraged but I had seen the same thing done when the evidence was more compelling.

You never know how a jury is going to decide. And it wasn’t a week or two after the verdict, I found myself having to write a story connected to this case. A woman mistook a convenience store worker for Casey at a location in Chouteau, Okla., about 15 miles or so from where I worked. Since most of the people in our readership used that store, I included the story in the publication.

We’ll probably never know what really happened. This series is sure to anger George, Cindy and Lee. George is already reporting he denies all the allegations. But Peacock and NBCUniversal has put them all in a particular spot. If they sue the streaming service for libel or slander, they must first try to attempt that it’s all false. And can that open the door to a criminal investigation?

Unless you’re a true-crime fan and wish to watch this out of some curiosity, I wouldn’t recommend it. Casey may be older as she’s 36 now, but there’s still a little bit of the narcississm and egotism she had years ago. She argues that she made all the lies is because she thought Caylee was still alive and her father was taking care of her.

In conclusion, it’s apparent that Casey had a horrible upbringing and typical Boomer narcissist parents, but she had a chance to change all that with Caylee. If she didn’t do it, she helped cover it up. Either way, Caylee is no longer on this planet while those around her point their fingers in a childish, disgusting manner.

What do you think? Please comment.

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