‘Dirty Daddy’ Great Tribute To TV Dad/Comic Bob Saget

Why do we laugh? Because it’s better than crying. But sometimes we laugh so hard, we cry. But then, we’re crying so much that we can’t find anything to laugh about.

Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute, which is currently on Netflix, is a wonderful ode to the TV Dad who passed away in January due to a reported head trauma. Even though Saget was 65, it seemed he went too soon. Maybe it’s because he’s been around for so long so many people weren’t prepared for his death.

Saget, who was known in the comic circles for his vulgarity, seemed almost at home as Danny Tanner, the widower of three girls on Full House. He was also more comfortable as the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos. He just had that look on him that look like the type of person you could believe or trust. And then, he’d tell you a dirty joke and you could laugh hard.

The show features comics Jim Carrey, Chris Rock and Jeff Ross along with John Stamos mainly acting as co-hosts as they crack jokes, some of them hitting hard, at Saget’s expense. And I’m sure Saget would’ve been offended if they didn’t tell these vulgar jokes. Rock says Saget’s death got Carrey back on the stage and Ross jokes how Saget’s death stopped everyone from talking about Betty White’s death.

Other comics such as Paul Rodriguez, Jon Lovitz, Mike Binder (who directs it the special), and Seth Green come out and share their memories. But what you see is this is a family that has losted a loved one and they’re holding back the tears of sadness. I feel this tribute is just as much therapy to them getting through this difficult year. Norm MacDonald passed away in September and then Louie Anderson died two weeks after Saget. Then, Gilbert Gottfried passed away in April.

Jackson Brown and John Mayer appear to sing some heart-warming tunes. Mayer was able to charter a plane to take Saget’s body from Florida. A montage of Saget through his Full House days plays that might hit some Gen Xers and Millennials in the feels. He was also the elder Ted Mosby narrating 10 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. There are highlights from a memorial following Saget’s death where the Full House cast speaks of him as Stamos points out the memorial went from “dick jokes” to Candice Cameron Bure giving a religious eulogy. Even Tim Allen, who has been vocal about his conservtive Christian views, drops the F-bomb after he’s had to follow Dave Chappelle.

One of the show’s highlights is when Michael Keaton does a video where he first thinks it’s a birthday wish, then a roast, but when he hears it’s a memorial tribute, he tries to show sympathy but acts like he can’t. But then, the video turns really sincere. That along with Kelly Rizzo, his wife at the time of his death, keep us reminding that this is a memorial tribute.

But we shouldn’t take it so seriously. As Carrey says that Saget was given to us, rather than taken away. The special ends with everyone joining in with singing to Saget’s song, “My Dog Licked My Balls.” It’s a fitting way Saget would’ve wanted people to remember him. Whether we liked him as Danny Taylor or the coke addicted in Half-Baked talking about performing sexual acts for his drug, Saget was to cater to both sides.

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