We Need To Talk About Racist Killers

There’s no way to sugarcoat what happened over the weekend in Buffalo, N.Y. Back in 2015 when that piece of garbage Dylann Roof shot up the Emanuel African Methodist Episocal Church in Charleston, S.C., the argument was Roof had an aversion to Christianity. I even heard this from the mouths of black people. He even got Burger King because he was hungry. And yet people praised that crazy asshole Joe Arpaio for serving rotten meat to his inmates.

Payton S. Grandon, the alleged killer of 10 people at the Tops Friendly Market, reportedly believes in the Great Replacement Theory. This is the notion that eventually predominantly white countries will be eventually bred out of the majority. It’s a sick notion that Fox News Tucker Carlson and others have expressed.

But why are white people afraid that one day a country like America woukdn’t have a white majority? Maybe they’re afraid of retribution? Let’s face it, white couples aren’t having kids as much as they used to. It’s been over 50 years since Loving v. Virginia and almost seven years since same-sex couples were allowed to marry across the country. Women aren’t having to settle for whatever marriage of convenience is best for them.

This is why doctors (and insurance companies) are refusing to allow white women to have hysterectomies, tubal ligation and sterlization even if can help their health. At the same time, any woman of color runs a risk of sterlization while in the hospital for not-related issues. During the latter part of the 20th Century, approximately 60,000 women of color were forced to be sterlized in 32 states. And from what I’ve heard, it’s still ongoing but not as widespread.

While celebrities like Jessica Alba and Rashida Jones can pass for white, they’re ancestry isn’t exactly Anglo married Saxon. We’re living in an era in which commercials featuring same-sex interracial married couples who are pregnant are shown. Times are changing and some people don’t want them to change.

And people like Roof and Gendron are being force-fed this garbage in their young minds. I’m not defending them what so ever. Gendron’s parents are saying it had something to do with paranoia surrounding Covid-19. But that’s the standard reaction from parents when they know their child is screwed. Roof has been convicted of his crimes. And while Gendron is only charged, he seems to be the one found with the smoking gun. He even fucking livestreamed it. This notion that they didn’t understand what they were doing because their minds were still forming is ludicrous.

If that is the case, let’s move the age of enlisting in the U.S. Armed Services up to 25. The same goes for those who want to serve in law enforcement too. But no, someone who is 18 and right out of their small town can easily enlist in the military. Even some law enforcement agencies will allow those under 21 to join. So, where do we draw the line?

And at the same time, we’re asking young women who have been the victims of sexual assaults to not only have their babies, but marry as well, even if they are as young as 11. But they can not get a divorce until they are 18. So, you can get a divorce at 18, you’re just not a formative to understand the rammifications of planning a killing for months and then legally buying a semi-automatic Bushmasher XM-15 rifle and going to a place with a lot of people and shoot them.

I mean, I guess that’s why Kyle Rittenhouse got acquitted too. He just thought he was there to do some security work. Quite frankly, I’m more afraid of younger people who have access to dangerous weapons than I am someone in their 40s or 50s because they’re not as cautious. In Texas, a nine-year-old boy went to a neighbor’s house with a fucking whip to beat up a girl. Luckily, the girl’s mother answered the door, but young people with dangerous weapons are a cancer on this society.

It’s crazy we live in a society where someone can’t buy cold medicine without a prescription but they can go into any licensed gun seller and walk out with a weapon. Here in Oklahoma, you can have a gun show with very little oversight. I have one of my late stepfather’s handguns. And the only requirements is that it has been purchased legally from when he got it over 20 years ago in Georgia. Also, a bartender in just about any place in America can get in trouble for selling an alcoholic drink to someone who is obviously inebriated. So, why can’t we put same restrictions on gun sales when it comes to violent offenses even if they are misdemeanors?

But let’s face it, people like Gendron, Roof and others feel like the world is closing in on them. It’s no surprise that militia groups sprung up after the Civil Rights era. Times were changing and they didn’t want to change with it. Yet the government felt the Black Panthers were a bigger threat.

The massacre in Buffalo came just one day after the 37th anniversary of the Philadelphia Police Department firebombed a predominantly black neighborhood where MOVE, a black liberation group was located. Reports indicated the police used explosives from the FBI and the fire department were told not to extinguish the fire. Other residents who said they didn’t have any connection to MOVE said they were fired upon as they tried to seek shelter.

The fires killed six adults and five children. If you think that’s awful, the University of Pennyslvania Mueseum of Archaelogy and Anthropology actually kept two bones of two of the children for many years. Then, they were transferred to Princeton University for additional research. Need I remind you this was less than 40 years ago?

Imagine if law enforcement agenices worked together to firebomb Michigan milita farms and then kept the bones of children “for research” and how many people wouldn’t be outraged? And speaking of militia survivalists, on May 11, Randy Weaver, died. He was one of the people at the center of the Ruby Ridge seige near Naples, Idaho. Why this is talked about more than Philadelphia is quite obvious? Weaver and his people were just patriots. MOVE was a terrorist organization.

It’s a damn shame even in 2022 we’re still having these discussions. And I have no sympathy for the family of Weaver. There’s ways of doing things. If you don’t get mad when the government firebombs a black community, you shouldn’t get angry when they come into your neighborhood. You could have stood up when you had the chance.

The fact that Gendron was taken into custody without incicdent while Amelia Baca, 75, of Las Cruces, N.M., a Hispanic woman with dementia who was holding a knife was shot within half a minute of police arriving should make you angry. The hell with people like Weaver, Roof and Gendron. They want the police to target people like Baca, Tamir Rice, Fred Hampton, and any who isn’t white and involved in a whites only relationship.

There are killers out there who are racists. Some were badges. Others are “militia types.” They have one goal and one goal only, to keep white people the predominant race as much as possible. This isn’t some young white person who had an aversion to organized religion or paranoia about Covid. This is someone who had been forcefed this propaganda, probably by his family, but also by politicial leaders, like Trump, and TV and radio personalities like Carlson.

I’m all for journalistic intriguity, but Carlson isn’t a journalist. Him and Sean Hannity are frightened middle-aged white men who are just saying all of this for ratings. Eventually, we are going to have to equate this to someone screaming “Fire!” in a crowded theater when there isn’t a fire.

What do you think? Please comment.

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