‘Moon Knight’ Never Finds Its Shining Armor

I’m not the best person to review the Moon Knight series on Disney-Plus. I guess I’m coming in as the layperson reviewer. The latest series in the MCU follows Oscar Isaac as a man with dissociative identity disorder who appears as three characters but we never know which is which. As Marc Spector he is the titular character, a mercenary who becomes the avatar for the Egyptian moon god Knoshu (voiced by F. Murray Abraham).

Isaac is also Steven Grant a mild-mannered British gift shop employee as well as Jack Lockley, who is a different alter ego who speaks in Spanish and has a more ominous presence. Which one is the real person? I don’t know and I don’t think the MCU knows. This might be one of the most strangest entries in the MCU and I thought Loki was off.

The problem I have with this series is I never had a clue of where it was headed. It seemed to weave a story more similar to David Lynch or Christopher Nolan movies, but not as thought provoking. Ethan Hawke plays Arhur Harrow, a religious zealot and cult leader. But he might also be the pscyhiatric doctor treating Marc/Steven/Jake. The movie seems to keep twisting its plot points until the mid-credits scene through the sixth episode, we’re not sure what’s happening.

Maybe I should’ve watched it again before reviewing it, but I don’t really think I could sit through the entire season again. The TV entries into the MCU have been a rocky road. Even though I liked WandaVision, I heard some people couldn’t even make it through the first two episodes. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier seemed to show some more of the promise of the MCU movies but didn’t have a good villain. Loki and Hawkeye seemed more like cash cows to keep the MCU going through the Covid pandemic.

A lot of people claimed to like Moon Knight and it received good reviews. I did like how it tackled mental health issues. And Isaac is a joy to watch in all his roles. But I just keep scratching my head wondering what was happening. I’d think I’d know where it’s heading and then something would change.

There’s discussion of a second season. Maybe it will have some of the answers.

What do you think? Please comment.

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