The Gathering Place is what every city park should be (even if you can’t see it all at one time)

The Gathering Place in Tulsa along the Arkansas River has been opened to the public for almost three years and on June 5, I finally went there.

Since the pandemic started, I had only been to Tulsa twice including this one time. I had some problems with my 2012 Ford Escape and didn’t want to stray to fair from home until I was able to get it fixed with help from the third stimulus check.

Also, I have to go through Wagoner, a town I worked in for eight years, and I try to spend as little time as I can there.

Making it to the park on a Saturday was both great and bad at the same time. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and there were a lot of people out. This meant there wasn’t much or any parking closer to the center. I had to park near 33rd Street in a parking lot of gravel that reminded me of a county fairground parking lot.

I then I had to walk down under an overpass. But at least I got to see a mama duck and her babies.

There was a mother duck and her duckling in a stream flowing from the nearby Arkansas River at the 33rd and Riverside vicinity.

Then, I started walking uphill and there was a lot of walking uphill. There’s a lot of walking period. Now, if you’re the type of person who loves walking, this is the place for you. There’s also bicycle lanes and a lot of people had their bicycles riding up and down.

There also were these scooters that you were free to use, but like a group of fellow Gen Xers who were there with their teenage kids, I was cautious to hop on one of these. I have a bad left knee and a bad back from falling too many times. The last thing I need is to eat asphalt. I’m sure there safe but I had my tablet and a bottle of Powerade in one hand and the handle to my walking cane in the other. If I had two more arms, I’m sure I would have given one of the scooters a try.

Mind you, I didn’t see anyone injure themselves or fall down and when I return with a backpack to carry my necessity, I probably will try it.

The Gathering Place has many vantage points of the Arkansas River.

They say The Gathering Place encompasses about 100 acres but I was unable to walk all of it, especially since most of it was uphill. But I did enjoy what I saw. There was a skateboard park that seemed to have a couple of dozen youngsters.

Then there was a weird jungle gym that I might have been able to get into before I learned to tie my own shoes. The ground around it was different and at first I thought I was losing my balance. Being an injured man with hypoglycemia, I was afraid of having an episode until I looked down and noticed the funky softer ground. It’s better than concrete for any young kid who losing his balance.

But it seemed from what I saw was a great place to spend the weekend afternoon or weekend evening maybe for the people who live in Tulsa and it’s surrounding suburbs.

g The Sky Garden at The Gathering Place

Even though I didn’t get as far as the Sky Garden, I intend to go back, definitely on a weekday so it’s not as busy to look over the rest of the park.

The Sky Garden is beautiful and there’s a lawn nearby to overlook the River.

I noticed a rabbit and a young boy in another section noticed another rabbit. I’m thinking a wildlife personnel brought them in.

Check back here for an update as I will post again.

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