It’s Time For The Republican Party To $h!t Or Get Off The Pot

I forgot where I read it but I was reading something Hunter S. Thompson wrote in the 1990s where he said the reason Jimmy Carter was elected President was that the Republican Party chose to sit out the election. Thompson was on to something when President Gerald Ford was up against Ronald Reagan in the 1976 Republican National Convention. It was a very contested convention.

Ford had done a lot of bad things. He fell down the stairs which was often parodied. Oh, and he pardoned Richard M. Nixon. That, I think, sealed his fate. The Republican Party threw him under the bus. They knew that the American public wouldn’t want to have much to do with Nixon following Watergate. And Ford, who actually had called the convention votes for Nixon in 1972, was thrown to the wolves. He foolishly thought people would feel he was in the right for pardoning Nixon and throw their support his way. Everyone could blame everything on Ford and the Republican Party had their scapegoat.

So, what if they didn’t win in 1976? Things were so bad it was going to take more than a four-year term to correct it. And they could blame everything that happened in the late 1970s on Carter and many people did.

The Republican Party hasn’t won a general election since 2016, but even that will have an asterisk against it. They may have retaken the House of Representatives but only by a narrw margin and nutbars like Lauren Boebert just barely got in. For only the third time in American history (and the second time within 20 years), the President won the Electoral votes but lost the popular vote. Only once since 1992 has the Republican Party won the popular vote. Without gerrymandering, they can’t win. And they know it.

And now, Donald Trump, who they have put too much faith in since 2016 was hit with a recent blow as a New York jury found him liable of sexual assault of journalist E. Jean Carroll and also liable for defamation. He may have not been found liable of alleged rape, but sexual assault is sexual assault. And several other women have accused Trump of sexual assaults and rape.

Even Fox News is starting to say that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes anymore. After the $787.5 million Dominion Voting System lawsuit settlement, personnel at Fox are watching how they spin things. It’s getting harder and harder for them to say that it’s all a conspiracy by the leftists and liberals. Trump said in a disposition that he confused Carroll with his wife at the times, Marla Maples. Yet, he also said that he’s not attracted to Carroll. But if he confused Carroll with Maples, then he’s saying he wasn’t attracted to Maples?

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. And people don’t sexually assault people because they’re attracted to them. It’s about power and control. This is an outdated concept that has been proved time and time again to be false. It’s the same reason people took one look at Christine Blasey Ford and said how can Brett Kavanaugh, who’s on the Supreme Court, could find her attractive. It didn’t register that it was 1982 when the alleged sexual assault occured and they were teenagers.

But some people are starting to say enough is enough. Former Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks, a Republican, immediately took to social media and said the Republican Party can’t afford a repeat sexual offender like Trump as its 2024 contender. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is currently considered to be another contender in the Presidential election but no comment was made from his side. As for former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, he condemned Trump saying that his “cavalier and arrogrant contempt for law” backfired. He called the nine-panel jury’s verdict “another example of the indefensible behavior.”

Currently on CNN on Wednesday, May 10, a town hall meeeting for Trump is reportedly still planned, even though there have been calls to cancel it even before Tuesday’s verdict. Some people have expressed that it will bring in people hate viewing which will give it bigger ratings which is what both CNN and Trump want. Personally, I think it’s in poor taste and a shameless attempt at ratings following changes over the last couple of years at CNN.

At this point in 2015, Trump hadn’t even made his announcement. It’s very likely that the Fulton County, Georgia DA will come down on Trump this summer as they have said following accusations he tried to interfere with the election. With the Proud Boys members being convicted of sedition last week and now this, the Republican party has to make a very important choice, where they want to proceed from this point.

It doesn’t help that New York Congressman George Santos was arrested early Wednesday morning on 13 federal causes including money laundering and fraud. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says that Santos should resign but it’s more about him and the GOP worried about losing a seat if a special election is called. That’s where they’re at.

If the Republican Party loses in 2024, that’s probably going to be the beginning of the end. Gen Zers and Millennials are not turning out to vote for the Republican Party. Demographics have shown that more Democrate voters are registered. The Wisconsin Supreme Court vote made things harder for them not to accept votes. If The Republican Party loses in 2024, I don’t see them even putting someone up in 2028.

The Libertarian Party is quickly gainly a lot of attention in states and districts which have been traditionally conservative. This is why many red states are doing everything they can to change fair elections so the state officials can more or less throw out votes and not certified results. It’s very likely following the 2024 election, people will throw their support (but most important – their money) to the Libertarians Party in 2026, 2028 and so on.

As for the Republican Party, it’s time for them to shit or get off the pot because Trumpism has proven to be just constant constipation.

What do you think? Please comment.

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I'm an award winning journalist and photographer who covered dozens of homicides and even interviewed President Jimmy Carter on multiple occasions. A back injury in 2011 and other family medical emergencies sidelined my journalism career. But now, I'm doing my own thing, focusing on movies (one of my favorite topics), current events and politics (another favorite topic) and just anything I feel needs to be posted. Thank you for reading.

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