And The Band Played On…

In the last 10 days, the biggest gap between the realty most of us live in and the fantasy world others are privileged was shown in a long time. On Saturday, April 29, the White House’s Correspondent’s Dinner was held. Nicknamed the “Nerd Prom,” it’s often a chance for the President, Vice-President, politicians, elected officials, and members of the press who usually can afford to live in the Washington, D.C. area very comfortably have a nice little circle jerk.

If it seems like a while since these were popular, there’s a reason. None were held in 2020 or 2021 during the Covid pandemic. Then, there was Donald Trump’s refusal to appear at them during his Presidency because he was afraid of being mocked. But regardless of what people think about President Biden or Trump, it still seems a little too self-serving having this especially considering the current situations in America and the world. I’ll admit, we need to laugh and have some fun sometimes.

But the question is how much is too much that you seem to be avoidng the real problems. Watching celebrities dress up at the Met Gala which was on Monday, May 1 might be fun to look at. But fashion, like art, is very subjective. What some see as amazing, others see as a waste of resources. It’s the same way some might view a Porsche or Ferrari as the car to have while others want a Ford F-250 with good hauling capabilities. Believe it or not, but during the 1930s, people who were very poor and desolate due to the Great Depression flocked to movie theaters where they could watch Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire all dressed up dance in ballrooms. It was escapism. But there’s a difference.

We probably heard more about King Charles’ coronation and Trump bragging about going to check on properties in Scotland and Ireland than we did about the conviction of four Proud Boys on sedition charges. One of those convicted is Enrique Tarrio, a founder and former leader. Others convicted were Ethan Nordean, Joseph Biggs and Zachary Rehl. Dominic Pezzola was found not guilty. All this dates back to the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection coup attempt. It’s the last of three sedition cases the Justice Department prosecuted. Stewart Rhodes, found of the Oath Keepers, has also been convicted for sedition along with others.

The goal of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers was to basically keep Biden out of office and allow Trump to remain in office. And now that Trump has been charged in Manhattan, he was allowed to leave the country. I don’t think the same courtesy would be extended to other people. It would’ve been the perfect time for them to deny re-enetry to Trump back in America but I’m sure it would have a hard to do. And while Trump denies any involvement whatsoever in the Jan. 6 incident, the walls are closing in around him and others like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) are facing suspicions for their involvements.

It’s seems odd that Tarrio and the others aren’t getting as much attention as CNN is planning on hosting a Town Hall show with Trump. This is very dangerous for the network because they’re going to cross a line they don’t want to. People have been convicted of trying to overthrow the government while giving lip service to the man who encouraged. This a difference between being journalism and public relations. This is public relations.

I mean, from one angle, you can tell it was a no-brainer how they would get convicted. Tarrio, who is Afro-Cuban, has also posed in pictures with several elected and government officials. Ironically, he’s exactly the person they don’t want in any type of authority or managerial position. Still, it should have been making more news that what someone was wearing to a fashion even or if Prince Harry would attend Charles’ coronation.

There were also two mass shootings, one in Atlanta on May 3 and another on Saturday, May 6 in Allen, Texas, a suburb north of Dallas. Then, there was the homicide of Jordan Neely, 30, was a subway performer who was held in a chokehold for 15 minutes by Marine vet Daniel Penny and died. Penny’s lawyers have argued he was acting in self-defense. Neely would often perform as Michael Jacskson. Details are sketchy but people are saying Neely and Penny allegedly got into a “verbal dispute” that turned into a “physical altercation

Neely was reportedly not armed. As he was in a chokehold, other subway passengers held Neely down. Because someone struggling to break free of a chokehold wouldn’t be as resisting, I guess. Deion Patterson, 24, the suspected Atlanta shooter, was a vet of the U.S. Coast Guard. His mother told media he had “a mental break.” Mauricio Garcia, 33, has been identified as the shooter in the Allen Prime Outlets were eight people were fatally shot by an AR-15 he was using. Seven other people have reportedly been injured. These include young children. Garcia, who was fatally shot by law enforcement, was a security guard and had been living in a motel.

And just like Patterson, they’re claiming this is a mental health issue. Because they don’t want to claim it’s an issue involving access to firearms like AR-15s. Supposedly, Garcia didn’t have a criminal record. Patterson shot five women, killing one. And on Fox News as former police officer Alex Coker appeared on Lawrence Jones Cross Country in response to the shooting said people would be police and professional, but plan to kill everyone they meet. Jones didn’t even seem bothered by it. Coker was referring to something Gen. James M. Matthis said in the past. But I’m sure he was talking about a war zone. America is not a war zone.

The problem like I’ve said in previous posts is Fox News, the NRA and conservatives have people believing everyone is a threat. Was Neely really a threat to Penny or did he just not want to be bothered by Neely? You use public transportation, you should accept to interact with other people. Even Bernhard Goetz, who shot four people on a subway in 1984, says that Penny has to pay for what he’s done. The horrible part is Penny and Coker don’t see what they did or believe is wrong. Everyone thinks they’re the good guy. Goetz thought he was the good guy and his actions have been disputed for nearly 40 years.

And while the coronation which reportedly cost $125 million, across the pond, seven horses died at Churchhill Downs so rich people could bet on horses and make more money. You know Jim Gaffigan once asked on a CBS Sunday Morning commentary what’s the point of the Derby since the people around the horse winner benefit the most. It’s a perfect representation of everything going on in the world. The horses do all the work as some jockeys (i.e. managers, supervisors) whip them to work harder. Owners of the horses and the rich elite who have money to attend are the ones who benefit by doing nothing.

And if seven horses die, that’s the small price to pay for the rich to get richer. Ten people died this past week who didn’t need to die. All they were doing was working and trying to shop. With no respect and great offense to Gov. Gregg Abbott, the only mental health issues I see is doing the same thing over and over (which is nothing) and expect different results.

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