Calls For “National Divorce” Dangerous In More Ways Than We Realize

For the most part, people I know who still live in northwest Georgia say they don’t care much of what Marjoie Taylor Greene says. This is foolish to do so. They should care. They should care a lot especially since I know they still voted for her regardless. Right now, the rest of the country, if not the world, is looking at them as if they are nothing more than the stereotypical Appalachian redneck hicks. It’s nothing to be proud of.

Most politicians, especially those who claim to be conservative Christians, have gotten “the jab” as well as many other vaccines for their children. They probably swear like sailors in private but love to put on how good Christians they are in the public. They have affairs, jack it to porno (and even transgendered porn) while wagging their fingers at the rest of the world. And most of those who praised the overturning of Roe v. Wade have probably paid for an abortion or at least drove someone to and from the clinic.

They don’t practice what they preach. They do it for voters and fund-raisers. Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly were recently booed at some rally for saying they had gotten a Covid-19 booster. Both are in their 70s. I’m damn sure they got their boosters first thing. They want to live as long as they can, not suffer the ailments of so many other people who have died from Covid. They can say how they’re for this or against that all they want as long as people still buying it.

But someone like Greene is dangerous. She really wants what she often says to happen. I don’t doubt for one moment she was involved in some way with the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection coup attempt. I think if she could’ve gotten away with it, she would’ve shot David Hogg in that video before she got elected for saying she felt threatened if he had turned for one second to give her a nasty look. She is a person who shouldn’t be in Congress. If we’re all lucky, she’ll end up in prison one day. I just hope there’s no more bloodshed for it.

Calling for a “national divorce” as a sitting Congressmember is very dangerous. Somewhere out there, there are thousands, if not millions who think the same way she does. For reasons they can’t express without coming across as a racist, bigot, homophobic scum, they don’t care for Joe Biden or Democrats. The world has changed too much for them in their lifetime. You got to remember that most of the people like Greene, who is 48, they were born in a country that was still divided among blacks and whites. She probably thought Ronald Reagan was the greatest President ever but doesn’t realize how his policies screwed up the middle-class and got us to where we are now.

And like a lot of people in the South, they were fed a pack of lies about the Civil War and Reconstruction. The reason the Civil War only lasted about four years is that people weren’t prepared to eat the dead if it went on another year. Both the north and the south weren’t to happy they were at war. The north had to pigeon-hole Irish immigrants into fighting for the Union Army. They then set up the Conscription Act in 1863 otherwise known as the draft. This caused riots in New York City that nearly destroyed the place.

In the Confederacy, things were failing apart as well. If you’ve seen Cold Mountain or Free State of Jones, eventually people realize the war wasn’t so great as able-bodied young men, some of them who hadn’t even started puberty were fighting and dying. Their livestocks, produce and goods were taken for the good of the war. Each side was dealing with its own civil war. And then, there were all the problems with diseases. Before The Oregon Trail made it an amusing cause of death to giggle at in the classrooms, many people in the Civil War died of dysentery or other diseases. It’s one thing to die on the battlegrounds. It’s another to litterally crap out your insides.

There would be no national divorce because there’s no even lines anywhere. MTG’s one-time BFF Lauren Boebert narrowly got re-elected this last year. And the House of Representatives just barely went to the Republicans. The Red Wave that most expected didn’t cause much of a splash. And as Boomers seem to go Republicans, their numbers are literally dying off. Some states that people think are blue, like California, have strong conservative communities with high property values. You can’t just expect them to move all the way across the country to Bumblefuck Egypt Alabama.

And MTG’s own state of Georgia is slowing turning blue itself. While Brian Kemp is the governor, he’s going to be gone after this term. It might be third time’s the charm for Stacy Abrams. Both Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are in the U.S. Senate until 2026 rolls around.And the movie’s economic development as well as still thriving film and TV industry is pulling in more and more people every year.

Maybe that’s why MTG doesn’t want them to vote for five years. But the question remains, is Georgia a red state? No. It isn’t. On paper, the majority of the state voted for Biden and they have two Democratic Senators. No matter how many Sons of the Confederacy still re-enact the battles, it’s a blue state facing an identity crisis. It’s no wonder why Georgia like other states are targeting transgender people. They can’t understand their own dysphoria. They’re a blue state that is trying to stay red.

What MTG doesn’t understand is that some red states only thrive on the success of blue states. Blue states send help and aid to the red states. Look at what happened to Kansas during Gov. Sam Brownback or what’s happening to Texas under Gov. Gregg Abbott. That’s why the rise of industry also led to the end of the Civil War and slavery. Southern states needed the northern’s state industry. There’s so many ways the idea of a “national divorce” can go wrong in the worst ways.

One thing Republicans and gunnuts haven’t anticipated is how many people own guns. Because they have openly objected to gun registries and oversight, there’s no telling how many weapons people have in their own homes. Do they think it’s going to be a cakewalk? Even in the most liberal towns, I’m sure a lot of people would stand up together to defend it against a threat. As I’ve often pointed out, most towns and municipalities have a very small percentage of a police force in contrast to their public. They’re not going to roll over so easily.

And this is another issue. Republicans think that all law enforcement and military (both present and past) will side with them. The last thing they want to do is follow a bunch of Doomsday Prepper wannabes who can’t even buy a footlong sandwich at Subway without taking an AR-15 or comically having four handguns strapped to their Bermuda shorts. They forgot these military and law enforcement have taken an oath and they may those wanting to overthrow a municipality or county government as a domestic terrorist threat.

Also, do people like MTG think they’re the best their party can offer. She got in on a fluke, she moved to another district after losing elsewhere. Then, her opponent was forced by threats to drop out. It should’ve been investigated further, but people in that part of the state are too stubborn. She got re-elected because she ran against a black guy and there’s still a lot of racism and bigotry in that part of the state. They were still having Ku Klux Klan rallies when I was in high school in the 1990s. I’m suspecting they never stopped.

Yet, does Marjorie think that if there was a succession, the people of her district would still support her when she doesn’t have any competition from the other side. There’s always a bigger fish. If her fantasy would come true, it might be short-lived. With no checks and balances and no other political party, someone might decide she has become too much of an embarrassment or hasn’t done enough.

Her problem is simple – she always thinks she’s right. People who always think this are the most dangerous in the world. They will never admit their own faults. That’s the problem with how they’ve stood behind Trump through thick and thin, despite how he has been mostly responsible for some of our recent problems. The train derailment in East Palastine, Ohio is the result of his policies. And as someone who lives about 15 miles away from a major Union Pacific railline that is very close and even goes over a waterway that is used for many communities’ drinking water, it should be something more seriously we try to prevent.

But for all the people who are just blaming Biden and the Democrats for all the problems in the world never really look at the bigger picture. There will be people who will try to achieve what Greene has said. We’re already seeing it in our education system. And as many states like Tennessee, Texas and Florida seem to be stuck in a pissing contest on who can treat the LGBTQIA community the worst, the long-term effects could be felt long after most of them are out of office.

We’re not at the Civil War/ National Divorce level yet. Thankfully, there’s still a lot of more harder years before that will happen. I also think since most people are leaving the Republican Party and Christianity, if not all form of religion, we could just be in the what happened in Ireland with the Troubles. Eventually, younger generations grow tired of it. Then, they get into elected office and demand changes.

Hopefully, nothing extreme will have happened before that.

What do you think? Please comment.

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