So Much For The Christmas Spirit

You have to hand it to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the legion of people who support him. They sure know how to make Christmas just about them. Like a spoiled kid checking the length and width of all presents under the tree, Abbott, whose state is undergoing its second winter power issue under his watch, decided the best thing to do was to send about 140 migrant hundreds of miles to Washington, D.C.

He didn’t just send them to some bus stop or terminal in D.C., but they were left outside the residence of Vice-President Kamala Harris. It’s a racist move by a racist person to send brown-skinned people to the residency of another brown-skin person. He’s saying “You want them, you take care of them.” This is human trafficking and Abbott should be worried about their safety.

But Abbott doesn’t worry about anyone’s safety unless they donate a lot to his campaign. He doesn’t care for the millions of Texans who re-elected his sorry ass. He wants to be President so bad that he’s got to show Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis everything is bigger in Texas and we all know what “bigger” means.

This happened on Christmas Eve of all nights. Considering that Abbott, DeSantis and other “Christian” leaders have perverted the religion and now the holiday for their own gain. It only matters to white people, white Christian conservatives, to be exact. Everyone else can just go to Hell. And what’s more puzzling why Abbott would do such a thing is why so many people support this decision, especially at Christmastime.

This just proves my point that Christianity has become a social accessory. It’s something that people can post on social media and sit in a church like a zombie for an hour a week just to get a little better social standing. Considering that more and more Gen Xers, Millennials and Gen Zers have told all religious affiliations where to go, you’re not hearing much of the “War on Christmas” anymore because Boomers, who found religion in their autumn years, have been dying off left and right.

No one cares about Tim Allen or Candace Cameron Bure wanting to make movies and TV shows to “put the Christ back in Christmas.” We’ve seen the hypocrisy for decades. Many atheist/agnostic people I know act more Christian than “Christians.” And for people to say 140 people deserve to freeze because they’re not the right skin color shows that Christianity is grown into a cult.

Jesus was brown-skinned. Judea, when it was an Roman-occupied province, was considered part of Africa. There was no such thing as the Middle-East. It wasn’t until Europeans started re-drawing the boundaries and re-writing history that it suddenly became the Middle East and Jesus went from brown-skinned person to some light-skinned European. The only way to justify the North Atlantic Slave Trade was to turn Jesus into a European to make him superior. If people say that Jesus came from Africa, it would raise a certain amount of questions.

Education was the way they got many white people, who were dirt poor, were better than black people. Since most white people didn’t have much schooling, they could twist the facts to make them feel better about being used by the rich and powerful. And when people use words like “illegal aliens,” it dehumanizes these migrant workers, which makes us see them less than human. So, it’s easier when we exploit them and if they die to the elements, they die.

And most of the migrant workers didn’t get here on their own. They were enticed by Americans who told them they could work. They pay for them to cross or hire someone to bring them across. Then they are exploited. When I grew up in northwest Georgia, they began hiring the undocumented immigrants to work in many of the carpet/rug textiles and other factories in the northwestern Georgia towns of Rome, Dalton, Cartersville and Calhoun, where I lived.

Then, by the 1990s, it had exploded. The realty companies were renting out apartments to multiple workers, bypassing codes. They paid in cash so there was no paper trail. They could still get money and they didn’t have to fix anything in their rental property. And the companies were able to pay a fraction of what they had to pay the other people and it would increase their profits. Since it was a highly prejudiced area, they could make the white people in the area hate the brown-skinned people rather than the richer people.

That’s what Abbott and other conservatives are doing. They’re trying to get people to hate each other so they can keep winning elections. If they keep us fighting amongst each other, then, they can continue to make money and make laws that make them richer and more powerful.

What Abbot and DeSantis has done is what dictators do. They send people off without any care, hoping they dide. Migrants don’t vote so it doesn’t matter to them. This is a taste of what would happen if Abbott and DeSantis got the Presidency. And that’s what both want. They want to be President they’d destroy most of the country.

It won’t stop at migrant workers. And for all those screaming “America first!” you need to do your history. Because America was built on migrants and “illegal aliens.” We can change the terminology and call it “settlers” or how we our ancestors came over “the right way.” But at the end of the day, much of our history is based on blood and violence and treating people like they’re scum because of different skin color or religion.

But yet, they’ll go to church on a regular basis and worship a migrant whose own life was in danger. The irony of the last few decades has been lost on so many Americans. If anything else, it proves that Christmas and the spirit of the season only matters to some poeple. That is the real “war on Christmas.”

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