Meet The New Boss, Worst Than The Odd Boss: Christian Extremists Are Getting A Whole Lot Worse

I’m not the least bit surprised that Donald Trump had a meeting with Nick Fuentes even though the twice impeached former President is denying it. Fuentes, only 24, is the new face of Conservative Christian extremism along with Jonathan Shelley, the so-called pastor of Stedfast Baptist Church of Watauga, Texas.

Fuentes has been spewing this hatred since he was a teenager. It’s a good bit he was learning this stuff since he was in diapers from adults around him. Considering his formative years was during the Obama Administration, I’m sure he got an earful for many years. It reminds me of an awful video someone thought was funny enough to send to America’s Funniest Home Videos almost 20 years ago where a toddler lists everyone in the George W. Bush Administration then calls Bill Clinton an idiot. The person is probably an adult now and I hope looks back horribly on that video.

Jonathan Krohn, at one time, was like the Millennial Alex P. Keating as he talked about conservative values, appearing on TV, talking about how one day he is going to be President of the United States. He spoke at CPAC in 2009 but by 2012, he had totally changed his views. It didn’t matter, C.J. Pearson was the new Republican Golden Boy for Gen Zers and he was black to boot so he could speak badly of President Barack Obama and it meant more than the typical redneck with a pornstauche. But Pearson got caught in his own lies of saying he had been blocked by Obama on Twitter. Then there were allegations of cyberbulling on Instagram.

Before Krohn and Pearson, there was James O’Keefe, who altered footage to go after ACORN but earned respect from the Republican Party. That was until he turned criminal and pled guilty to entering on to federal property under false pretenses. It was a different time. Now, he’d be hoisted up as the next rising star in the Republican Party. All this behavior in young people has to fed to them by a source that is only making them fatter on their hatred and bigotry.

If you were to look at Fuentes, he’s a white supremacist, despite being of Mexican ancestry he claims. He has been outspoken since he was a teen. He should have spent more time studying and learning how government works. To hear him talk, you would think he is no different than any other MAGA Trump supporter who has never bothered to read how checks and balances of government is meant to work. He thinks we should just elect Trump and then do away with all elections after that.

Well, Nick, it’s not that easy. For one thing, just electing Trump to oversee everything from the White House to the Souix Falls, South Dakota Parks and Recreation Department isn’t possible and not something I don’t think Trump wants to do. Fuentes wants to install a Christian Nationalist theocratic dictatorship under Trump. But the irony is, even Trump is feeling that Fuentes is getting a little too Annie Wilkes for his taste. Trump is saying that he was surprised as it’s Kanye West who brought Fuentes as a dinner guest. Since making his announcing for a third Presidential run, Trump definitely knows who is getting within half a mile of him.

Fuentes has been banned from social media platforms and even got into arguments with other conservatives such as Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA and Ben Shapiro. He thinks women shouldn’t have the right to vote. And he is most likely going to get a better following that Kirk or Shapiro because he’s willing to go the extra mile to tell people what they want to hear. And at only 24, he’s going to be around for a whole lot longer whether we like it or not.

Fuentes has admitted being at the Jan. 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol insurrection coup attempt and also the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Va. This means he’s more than likely willing to take it further as he can. He’s done so many more bad things, a quick Google search and probably pull it up.

Then there is Shelley of Stedfast, who is leading a totally anti-LGBTQIA congregation that preaches violence and hatred. After the mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colo. on Nov. 19, this is the type of world he wants to live in. Shelley, who has a wife and child, has also wants the same white supremacy that Fuentes wants. Shelley is bascially filling the void that was left by Fred Phelps who passed away a decade ago.

But Shelley is smart enough not to go protest funerals for military service members. And that’s what is going to get people on his side. A lot of people believe in him. I remember seeing a distraught transgendered woman from Oklahoma saying a man walked up to her and said he couldn’t wait until it was legal to hunt and kill people like her. Shelley is spreading this violence.

Yet, while his organization has been considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Shelley isn’t being specific in his violence. He’s just saying all LGBTQIA people need to be executed by the government. He’s smart enought not to say something because when it happens, he can say, “Well, gee, I didn’t mean that.” Ironically, they want to use the First Amendment to serve their purpose but don’t think it should be extended to anyone else. Like Fuentes, he wants the theocratic dictatorship that punishes people for anything at anytime. Ironically, neither Fuentes and Shelley are smart enough to realize that their heads might be the first on the chopping block if this “utopia” they speak of ever happens.

Since Fuentes supports Russia, he ought to read what happened between Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky after Vladimir Lenin died. That might be why he’s raging a war with other conservative types. But this could all backfire very badly against both of them. A lot of conservatives thought if they talked about “inflation” and “southern border,” they’d have a red wave, but a lot of people remembered the overturning of Roe v. Wade at the polls. It was a disaster for the Republicans and Trump.

As Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas says we should look at overturning same-sex marriage and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell won’t even vote to protect interracial marriages, it might be the fuel that helps Democrats more in the upcoming years. The Repubican Party has finally taken off its mask and shown that it’s about hatred, white supremacy, suppression of votes and women’s rights as well as many other things. It’s only going to get uglier as a younger batch rises through the ranks.

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