Mar-a-Lago Raid Is The Beginning Of The End Of Trump’s Political Career

As of this posting, it’s been less than 36 hours since FBI agents served a search warrant at ther Mar-a-Lago Club. We know they were searching for official records from the National Archives and Records Administration that former President Donald Trump might have allegedly taken unofficially from the White House.

First thing foremost, to execute a search warrant like this, the Justice Department probably had sufficient evidence for a federal judge to sign off on it. Off course, conservative news media Fox News and the New York Post pointed to the judge Bruce Reinhart as someone who donated to President Barack Obama’s campaign. But still to put your name on a warrant means that he saw enough to feel it necessary.

Conservatives are upset. Trump is upset and took to his social media platform to denounce it. Fox News could only report on it and nothing else. And they were upset. People were freaking out. You’d think a bunch of people broke into the U.S. Capitol Building to disrupt the confirmation of electoral votes.

Of course, if Trump has nothing to hide, then what’s the point? Isn’t this the rhetoric we give to people when a law enforcement officer asks to see an ID even though asking for such doesn’t warrant a question. People all over the country are detained, arrested and incarcerated by law enforcement by power-hungry law officers and all the right can say to this is, “They must have done something illegal.” If they resist, the response is, “They should’ve complied.”

Yet, now, it’s one of their own and they can’t handle it? Or are they afraid of what else the federal government might fine. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the White House wasn’t aware of the raid. I’m sure she’s correct. Justice didn’t have to pass it by the White House. That’s not how our system of government works. No one is above the law. And the White House isn’t the one signing off on it. Our judicial system is.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is already talking about how the House is going after Attorney General Merrick Garland and the FBI when they take the House back in 2023. That’s if they take the House back in 2023. And his words are showing that the Republican Party is only focused on obtaining power and punishing others.

But Trump isn’t in his best health. At 76, he will be 78 when the 2024 Presidential elections happen. And many people aren’t too happy with President Joe Biden and his age. While they’re mocking Biden who is 79, they’re thinking Trump will be better because he’s younger by a few years? Listen, I don’t wish either man any harm, but that’s a good two years away and at the rate Trump is going, he’ll be lucky.

I seriously doubt Trump will be a contender by 2024 if he even decides to run or not. The Jan. 6 hearings have exposed just how bad he was as a President to those who still needed concrete evidence. And people are going to prison saying they were just following Trump’s orders. If it was so bad, why did he not seek a safe trip out of Washington, D.C.? He wasn’t expecting to go anywhere because he didn’t need to seek safety.

People voted against Trump once in 2016. They did it even more in 2020. They’ll do it again in 2024. Trump won’t have the benefit of his Baby Boomer base by 2024 either. Most of them have admitted their mistakes or those that still stick by him show off their ignorance and arrogance every day. And some of them will be dead. Boomers have acted like they have the Benjamin Button disease and they’re aging in reverse.

Trump’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic alone was something that show his ineffectiveness as a leader. He never wanted to handle the duties of President. He just wanted the prestige and to grift the American people out of money. But the raid will more than likely produce more evidence that not only should he not run, but he should be in prison. What was on those text messages by the Secret Service on Jan. 6 that was so important they felt the need to risk the consequences of them being deleted?

And while Congress is in recess this month, they will continue the Jan. 6 hearings in September at which time we will hopefully know more about what happened at Mar-a-lago. Trump has been hinting for a while he will announce his intentions to run in 2024, but I think it’s highly unlikely he will. He’s traveling around supporting political candidates but soon the hoopla will end and he still won’t announce.

To start accepting money for campaign donations, he has to set up a bank account. And right now, I don’t think he wants any known accounts to be frozen or seized if (and when) the hammer comes down. More than likely, Trump is waiting until the last moment before he can leave the country. That would be my playbook if all these things were facing me. I’d try to get enough spending money I can put in safer accounts so that if I did run, I could make off with it lickety-split. I’m sure he’s got his bags packed ready to go.

He’s the only President to be impeached twice. There’s also the case out of Fulton County, Georgia involving vote-counting. The New York attorney general’s office is investigating his business. Conspiracy theorists are looking toward the death of his first wife, Ivana, as a bad coincidence it happened shortly before testimony was to be given. And in a tasteless move, he had her buried at his New Jersey golf course because state law offers tax breaks on cemeteries. Since Ivana wasn’t married at the time of her death, the next of kin are Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr., and they’re about as corrupt as he is.

People who still support Trump only do so because they’re bigots, racists, sexists, homophobic and/or misogynistic. Or they have tunnel vision and don’t want to appear they made the wrong choice two times and hoping the third time is the charm. The Republican Party has embraced white-male supremacy. And it’s this reason alone many people still support him, even though they’re in worse shape now than they were in 2016. For some white people, having a little privilege and dominance over BIPOC goes a long way.

If Trump was going to run in 2024, he would’ve announced it already so he can start collecting donations. He’s not going to run. I’ve covered politics and I always hated doing stories about people “announcing” they’re seeking an office. It’s much ado about nothing. It’s really so politicians can feel the crowd before they have to pay the filing fee. And I’m sure Trump wouldn’t even want to pay for that.

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