Conservatives May Have Won The Battle But They’ll Likely Lose The War

For a while, we knew this day was coming. But it still came as a surprise to some that the U.S. Supreme Court voted with a 6-3 vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. This ruling was announced earlier today and for many states that have been fighting to get abortion banned, it’s going to be retroactive.

For the most part, this has been the final road that conservatives have been seeking since Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973. It’s like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner or Susan Lucci seeking her Daytime Emmy. It’s got to come to an end sometime And then what? If the SCOTUS was smart, they would’ve waited until after the 2022 elections. But with a group the likes of Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas and Amy Coney Barrett, there is no such thing as smart.

Conservatives were hoping to use the rising cost of products and fuel along with the Russia/Ukraine War as a way to go after President Joe Biden and the Democrats. Now, that probably won’t matter. Rising costs come and go. We’re on the eve of a possible recession or depression for the second time within 20 years. Why the hell mess with a trivial matter such as abortion especially if most of Americans are pro-choice?

Because conservatives are trying to get more people to the polls. They see this as theuir easy win moment. We’ve already had some primaries this past Tuesday, June 21. And they will be some coming up on Tuesday, June 28. The SCOTUS was hoping this decision would be more of a surprise but this was announced weeks ago with a leak. It probably wasn’t supposed to be a released so many people couldn’t file their candidacies in time. But here in the eastern congressional district of Oklahoma, there are 13 candidates on the Republican ballot alone as Markwayne Mullin is seeking the U.S. Senate seat.

It’s going to be an interesting election year, to say the least, especially since any damned fool can say the election was stolen from them without any proof.

Gas prices can drop just as easy as they rose. It’s four months until the general election and prices could drop after Labor Day or even the July 4 weekend. It’s harder to convice people that the Democrats are behind high gas prices especially when other countries are reporting higher prices. And the conservatives using this playbook is getting old mainly because their voters are getting old or dying off.

Conservatives are also banking on the notion that the other party wins the mid-terms after a Presidential election. That’s not always the case. They didn’t win in 2002 because 9/11 was still fresh on people’s minds and the Republicans made it fresh. So the Democrats will have a helluva time over the next four months reminding people of why the Republicans are bad.

Let’s not face the fact that many conservatives running in 2002 were rational and logical humans compared to those this year. Dr. Mehmet Oz has won the Republican ticket for Senate in Pennsylvania. Herschel Walker is running for Senator as a Republican in Georgia. And let’s not forget Marjorie Taylor Greene, also in Georgia, and Lauren Boebert in Colorado. In 2002, they wouldn’t even made it past the primaries.

Madison Cawthorn was considered a rising young Republican this time last year. But he’s already been booted in the primaries. With accusations that Boebert and Greene may have aided the Jan. 6 insurrection coup attempt as well as the fact that Republicans think black people are so stupid they’ll vote for another black man who played football, they could be in for a rude awakening.

That’s why the Roe v. Wade issue can be the deciding factor. Conservative have abortions whether like they like to admit it or not. They have sex and they often screw up. They don’t use birth control or contraceptives. And these things happen.

But in a shameful way to get votes, many states, such as Oklahoma have passed some of the most dangerous laws to ban abortions. These don’t take into account if a woman was raped or incest. They also don’t take into account ectopic pregnancies in which the fetus is outside the uterus usually in the fallopian tube. Now that last sentence contains too many big words for many legislators to understand. But basically, in layman’s terms, the fetus doesn’t grow in the part where it should so it dies.

This means that whether a woman has an abortion or not, the fetus is dead. She didn’t do anything to cause it. It just happens to some women when they are pregnant. So, in a sick way, we’re asking women with a dead fetus inside them to carry it to full term. This can always cause risk to the women’s health.

Now, I’m no doctor and I’m especially not an OB/GYN physician, but I do know this doesn’t make much sense.

And I’m sure a lot of people won’t like it when it’s their daughter, mother, aunt, cousin, or niece becoming sick because of it. Or if it’s not an ectopic pregnancy, they’ll develop high blood pressure or women with heart problems might be at risk.

The solution is a foolish one. Just don’t have sex, right? Well, what if you’re a married couple. Isn’t it okay to have sex? This isn’t about abortion or women’s health. It’s about controlling women.

In northern Texas, the Forney Independent School District issued a ludicrous dress code saying that girls passed the fourth grade couldn’t wear skirts or dresses. It seems they’re afraid that as girls develop through puberty, they might temp the young boys.

Wagoner Middle School in the town I used to cover tried this same concept about 15 years ago. It wasn’t too popular and after a year or two, the Board did away with it. They wanted people to wear khaki slacks with only plain white and black shirts. Unfortunately, this only proved to be a bigger problem as some kids were going to school with just plain white tees you get in a package of three or five at Wal-Mart. It was obvious who could get their clothes from the nicer shops in Tulsa or even Muskogee and who had to buy their clothes at Wal-Mart.

This type of controlling never does work. It never has. It never will. SCOTUS justices Kavanaugh and Thomas along with Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch who voted for overturning it said during their confirmation hearings, they wouldn’t touch Roe v. Wade. Now, I’m no lawyer, but lying under oath is perjury. If on your job interview, you say you won’t do something but you do it anyway, you should be fired.

This is why the 2022 election is important. And why Republicans are wanting to pass so many voting restriction laws. If the Democrats can keep the House and Senate, they should go after all of them for perjury. Considering that Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and ACB have been appointed by a President who it appears helped orchestrate Jan. 6 as well as reports Ginni Thomas, Clarence Thomas’ wife, may have contributed, they all need to be removed for that alone. But the perjury and Thomas’ connection should be a more justified reason for removing them.

Just because we haven’t removed a SCOTUS justice before, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. They’re going to keep seeing what they can get away with. To say this is one of the most corrupt, divided SCOTUS ever isn’t a hyperbole. By no means in this country, should any of the six members who voted to overthrow Roe be on the Court. Thomas and Kavanaugh had substantial reports of sexual assaults/harassments. Chief Justice John Roberts and Alito were appointed by George W. Bush, who didn’t get the majority of the votes in 2000 so the people didn’t decide either one.

And Donald Trump, who didn’t get the majority of votes twice, appointed Gorsuch and ACB, as well as Kavanaugh. None of these Justices should be allowed to represent the American people. Most of them got in on technicalities and the others got in due to illegal activity. There’s no honor and dignity to ther Supreme Court anymore because of this.

The only way we’ll achieve removing them is for the Democrats to send Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to Country Kitchen Buffet rather than their leadership position. They’re still operating in this notion that both sides can come together. We’re passed that ideal for now at least. We may return to it. But it will be another 20 years, at least and that’s to be optimistic. We have too many people seeking public office who don’t know the first thing about government because they failed civics or politicial science. They think as long as they yell loud and throw out wild theories and accusations they’ll get elected.

If the Democrats keep Pelosi and Schumer, the SCOTUS will go after same-sex marriage and interracial marriage. Then, it will be voting rights. Conservatives have always functioned under the notion of pseudo-fascism since their inception under Barry Goldwater in the 1960s after fascism had spread around Europe. Conservatives want to work with evangelical Christians to create a theocracy.

But this might be an early celebration. Where do they go from here? Well, same-sex marriage is next. But many conservatives are involved in interracial marriages, as is Thomas along with Candace Owen, a conservative personality and Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, and Daniel Cameron, the Attorney General of Kentucky. But don’t think they won’t. Christianity is home to more racists and bigots than followers would like to admit.

Both conservatives and evangelicals want a theocracy but they think they won’t be affected. People foolishly voted for Trump thinking he would hurt the other people, but they ended up getting hurt themselves. As for Trump, this will be his awful legacy along with the Jan. 6 insurrection. History books won’t be too kind to him. Mainly because most people under 50 aren’t too kind to him. The likelihood he’ll be the nomination in 2024 or even capable of running grows less every day as more comes out of the Jan. 6 hearings.

Yes, this is a win for conservatives but in the long run, it will be their Waterloo. They have nothing else to offer without coming off as the party of male dominance white supremacy. Women don’t need men anymore. They’re not getting married. They’re not having kids. Conservatives think that if they can force white women to give birth, they’ll be able to stop the projection that white people will be in the minority by 2050.

So, what’s going to happen next? I don’t know. Step one would be trying to get a Supreme Court that was more fair to the majority of the people. The question is how much long are Millennials and Gen Zers going to let a bunch of angry Boomers continue to destroy America. Gen Xers are on the fence with some foolishly supporting the Republican Party. But anyone under 45 who isn’t very rich or very poor, seems fed up with the GOP.

The day will come when Trump, McConnell, Thomas and others will be long gone and we’ll still be suffering the effects if we don’t act and act now. Get out and vote this year. What’s fucked up is white women have the power to change a lot. And white women will be the most affected by Roe being overturned. Yet, white women will still stubbornly vote Republican because some don’t see it as their problem.

What do you think? Please comment.

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One thought on “Conservatives May Have Won The Battle But They’ll Likely Lose The War

  1. The white women I know who vote republican are either being supported by their husbands and or are trust fund babies who feel like their lifestyle will be under attack if the democrats are in control. They’re law and order voters. Maintain my lifestyle seems to be their only concern. But I don’t know all white republican women voters!


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