The Republican Party Is Exploiting Afghanistan To Ruin Biden

It’s no surprise that the Republican Party is already talking about impeaching President Biden if they regain the House of Representatives in January of 2023.

That’s a good 17 months away and a lot of things can happen between now and then, such as the Republicans NOT regaining the House of Representatives. I was at a local Democratic Party meeting in July and they were already talking about the fears of the Democrats losing the House.


Well, for some foolish reason, people usually don’t vote in the Midterms and the opposite party from whoever is President has won the House. Well, not always. It didn’t happened in 2002. That’s because the Republicans exploited 9/11.

Republicans are so scared shitless that they are changing so much at the state levels to cheat their ways back into the office. And considering what the 2020 Census showed, some serious gerrymandering will have to be done so they can stay in office.

A lot of younger voters are turning out to the polls and a lot of BIPOC voters are turning out the the polls. The fact that many states are trying their damnedest to keep these voters from casting their ballots is only fuel to the fire.

And let’s be honest, a lot of Boomers are going to die between now and November of 2022, especially these assholes who are bitching about not getting the vaccine and not wearing their masks.

I’m going to be brutally honest. I just do not give a shit about these people anymore. If they die, then they die. I am so tired of the same people who have to ruin everything being given any leniency. Fuck them! I said it. They can all go on ventilators for all I care.

Worse, this Delta variant is going to make kids sicker. And for some reason, it takes the death of a child for a parent or adult to pull their head out of their asses and do the right thing.

And the more people over 45-50 continue to bitch and belittle those younger than them, the more the younger people will totally do everything in their power to put them out.

This isn’t high school. The seniors aren’t entitled to everything. And I say entitled because that’s all I hear from anyone 50 and over. They’re brining up communism to people whose parents weren’t even together when the Cold War fell.

This year is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. There are voters whose parents weren’t together when that happened. Trying to continue to bring up 9/11 20 years later is not only useless but it’s in poor taste to those that died and continue to die.

And let’s not forget, that W. could’ve prevented it or made it less. But the Republicans always say it was the previous Democrat’s problem.

Afghanistan is the new Benghazi. Even though this was all completed under the Trump Administration, it was used as a set up against Biden.

Now, I’m not totally happy with Biden, but I do think he is being asked to take a bigger bite of the shitburger Afghanistan was.

But impeaching Biden even if that happens will definitely signal the end of the Republican Party. He will be the third President impeached out of the last five. And it will show the Republican Party is only obsessed with obtaining power and punishing opponents. What Trump did both times he was impeach is far worse.

For fuck’s sake, his ass should be charged with treason. I’m only hoping it happens. But as we continue to let Trump and others get away with this, the Democrats are showing they are no different than the Republicans.

I do think the Republican Party’s death will come a lot faster than the Democrats. The GOP has become the party of extremism, white supremacy and authoritative governing. Govs. Abbot and DeSantis are proving they just DO NOT care what their constituents think. It’s their way or the highway.

I seriously doubt Millenials and Gen Zers will want to continue this legacy. Anyone under 45 who is a conservative Republican most certainly is a racist and homophobe. Some hide it, but many of them unfortunately had it engrained in them by their parents and grandparents and are afraid to speak ill of them.

That’s not the case with people I’ve seen my age and younger who are very quick to note the toxic and racist environments they were raised in and how they are keeping boundaries with their parents as adults. Some are refusing to even talk to their parents.

And quite frankly, I don’t blame them.

I give Boomers a lot of shit because I think by most they deserve it. Even with what’s happening around them, they’re still complaining. They just want short-term comfort. They don’t care about making things better for their kids and grandkids.

So, fuck ’em! It’s time we treat Boomers the same way they treated us. Life is not always fair, motherfuckers, and being old doesn’t entitle you to special treatment.

Boomers should be the first ones telling people to get their vaccines and wear a mask. But yet, many are supporting the refusal.

Let them die!

This country and world will be a better place without them.

I’m not sorry. I don’t have any sympathy for anyone who doesn’t want what’s best for other people’s health, even if they are 17 or 70.

Half a million people died from Covid in the eight months from March to November 2020. How many more do you think will die in the next 14-15 months before the 2022 Elections especially if these same idiots thump their chest, scream “‘Murica!”

A lot of young people are being forced to spend their best years on a limited capacity. If we enter another quarantine lockdown, I don’t think they will forget it.

So, go on, Republicans, keep acting like the 2022 Midterms are a shoo-in.

We need to stop calling them Midterms. This sends the message they aren’t important. They are. All elections are important. Following the 2012 general elections, the town I worked in tried to squeak a sales tax vote in during the Christmas holiday season thinking people wouldn’t turn out.

Well, they did and they voted that proposal down.

The city could’ve piggybacked it on the general election but had to pony up extra tax payers money on a vote to raise their taxes.

Also, younger voters are more informed than their parents and grandparents who listen to OAN, InfoWars and Fox News and whatever horseshit someone peddles on social media. They’re not going to blame Biden totally for Afghanistan. Trump and especially W. share the blame.

And that’s another thing, I seriously doubt a lot of people are wanting another one of those assholes in the White House again. Anyway, if Biden is successfully impeached, that only allows Kamala Harris to be the next President.

The Republican Party will have to dial their White Supremacy Racism meters up to 11 in 2024 which will only backfire as more of their voters will be dead by then. And the Republican Party will be dead right after that.

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