Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Exposes Archaic Problems With American Society

I’m glad that Britney Spears is finally getting her life back after a 13-year conservatorship that seems more hurtful than helpful. If anything else, it exposes how little we’ve come as a society that we still rely on a patriarchal system even in 2021.

With a woman one heartbeat away from the Presidency, women are finally realizing they do not have to repeat the mistakes of their parents or their grandparents. Up until 1974, women couldn’t get credit cards in their own names. And I’m sure banks were hesitant to give them promissory notes even if they had good credit.

There’s a number of reasons why Britney was forced into the conservatorship so long but the main one has to be greed. Some parents see their kids as investments. It’s been happening this way for years. I remember Brooke Shields said she started modeling and acting for fun, but other kids were being forced to do it. And if they didn’t get the jobs, their parents would be hitting, slapping, spanking them. Sometimes, they wouldn’t even get out of the waiting room before starting it, she said.

Too many parents of a certain era are hung up on the “hero concept,” this foolish belief that their children were given food, clothing, and a roof out of sympathy. Parents had kids because they wanted to. But their dream and aspirations didn’t exactly turn our the way they did, so they blame their kids. When their kids don’t go to the colleges they want or make cheerleading squad, their parents act like they sacrificed a lot.

I think that’s why there’s still so many anti-vaxxers. They’re still afraid of their kids getting autism, even though it’s been disproven. But having an autism child might limit what they’re capable of, or so they think. They have to watch their investments.

And you need only to look at Jamie Spears as a perfect example of this. He only wanted his daughter’s money. People close to her said that he made a comment, he wanted his daughter to buy him a boat. If you want a boat, you ought to save up your own money to buy yourself a boat.

If you expect your children to repay you with interests for all you spend on them growing up, then that’s not parenting. They say now, a parent will spend on average about $1 million for a child from pregnancy to the time they graduate high school at 18. That’s money parents should be willing to spend.

Quentin Tarantino said in a recent interview that his mother was critical of his writings earlier on. Therefore, he doesn’t shower her with money or mansions and fancy cars. And why should he? He’s said he’s helped her out when she needed it and I agree he should have done that.

But why support people who didn’t support you?

The number one reason most people don’t get involved in arts and entertainment or sports or other creative endeavors is because someone criticizes them from an early age and it sticks hard. And quite frankly, you don’t get to take a victory lap if you’re one of the people who said bad things about someone early on and view it as motivation for their success later in life.

With schools starting back, our education system is one of the major hurdles many people have to get over to have a successful life later. There’s always teachers and administrators WHO DO NOT encourage some students while giving special privileges to others. I was a victim of it. There were some people at my school district who just didn’t like me. I never knew why. I guess people I stood in the way of someone else they had wanted to be more successful.

And we’re still judging people by their level of success and accomplishments. There was a janitor at my school district who passed away about a decade ago. He was one of the nicest people you’d ever meet. Yes, he was a janitor, but he had a steady job. People liked him. We measure our own levels of success.

Unfortunately, in Britney’s situation, she was forced to continue to perform and do things she wasn’t up to. I wouldn’t be surprised if she never performs or records an album again and just lives out the rest of her life on royalties from her music catalog.

But that’s our problem. We’re told to be too successful. But what does that mean? How much money do you have to make? How many houses do you have to have or how many rooms does your house have to have? You have to own so many vehicles in good condition. You have to wear these clothes, shop at those stores.

One thing I think social media has created is this false life that people must live. How many people have to spend all their weekends at the cabin on the lake or the nightclubs? Doesn’t anyone just rest on the weekends? Order a pizza and stream some limited series and be happy with that.

But yet, we’re still in the notion of being with someone who is a “good provider.” Yes, women are still expected to marry a man who has a nice portfolio and great net worth. Why? Women don’t need a man to be successful. They used to call these “marriages of convenience” and I still think they’re thrust upon younger people.

I think some people, 50 and older, need to come to the realization they never were happy in their marriages and did it for reasons other than love. So, they had kids to “fulfill their lives.” But they really didn’t want kids, or didn’t have to have them with the person they’re with.

Unfortunately, there’s someone out there who really loved that person and they really loved them. But because they were forced to choose more convenient relationships, that didn’t happen.

Britney has said she wants to have another child and I think she should. A 40-year-old woman shouldn’t be told not to have kids and told who she could and couldn’t date. And I don’t care if Jamie is her father, that’s no excuse.

I haven’t mentioned anything about Jamie Lynn, but I think she should shoulder some of the blame. Like most people, she wanted to live off the success of her sibling, even stating that a beach house that is own by Britney is her own. People have to have those material possessions.

I look at some things on social media as if I’m watching people brag about what they have. And one thing I know, is that when you have something, people sometimes don’t think you should have it. They deserve it more. So, they’ll belittle what you have.

You have a modest home that’s paid off. “Wouldn’t you be more happier in a house with more space?”

You have a car that runs good, needs basic maintenance and is paid off. “You know that car is depreciating in value!”

Yes, by all means, you need to take out a mortgage for a house you can’t afford and a loan on a more expensive car you don’t want. Why? Because it’ll make others happy.

Some people can’t stand to be with people who live modest lives. It’s ironic too because all people ever blab about is returning to a more simpler time.

At the end of the day, what people really want is a return to an era in which white Anglo-Saxon protestant men made all the rules and decisions and got all the money. They were able to force whoever they wanted to into a marriage and if they had a daughter, they were able to have a lot to say in who she married. Women wore dresses and knew their duties were to cook, clean, take for the kids, and be sex objects. If they weren’t fulfilling the needs of men, it was okay for the men to cheat.

And it was okay to get physical with women if they got out of line.

Several men still think this and they are surprisingly younger than you would think. It’s about time, they learned to behave a little better.

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