Could This Climate Change Be The New Normal?

A few years ago when I had chickens, I was going out to check on them in the evening. It was early September, literally still summer just not as humid and hot as it is in August. I noticed the geese were flying south.

Normally, they didn’t fly south until later on in the Fall. Temperatures were below normal for that time of the year.

Birds who fly south for the winter don’t follow calendars that are hung on the wall. They follow their own natural calendars.

Like I said in a previous post, I believe in the Butterfly Effect which basically states that butterflies flapping their wings in one part of the world can change the climate in another part of the world.

After the 1975 movie Jaws came out, people went shark-hunting and greatly depleted the shark populations in the oceans. It took Peter Benchley, the man who wrote the book and movie both, stood up with others by the mid-1990s to put them on the endangered species lists.

Sharks are apex predators and they eat certain marine life that eats other marine life that eats other marine life.

With this predator in limited supplies, other marine life flourished. So, by the turn of the 21st Century, there were a lot of reported shark attacks around the world. This was because the oceans had turned into a Golden Corral buffet instead of a well-balanced diet.

Climate Change is one of the things mocked by the conservative right, but what they don’t understand is we’re all in this together.

With hybrid vehicles and less people traveling due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was less smog in the atmosphere. They were reports that the waters in Venice were clearer. Some younger generations aren’t so eager to get their driver’s license as Uber and Lyft. Mobile phones and computers give off different energy than what was in use 50 years ago.

Earlier this year in February, it got the coldest it’s been in Oklahoma in the 18-19 years I’ve lived here. At one point, temperatures were at or below zero and my furnace ran almost 24 hours a day. It would shut off for about 15 minutes and then run again for at least 90 minutes to two hours.

This affects the weather. My college friend and former college newspaper editor lives near Houston and she said it was the coldest there since they lived there. Other parts of Texas had climates that seemed more suited in the frozen tundra regions of Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Now, in July, the British Columbia province of Canada and the Pacific Northwest is facing heat climates that normally people in Oklahoma and Texas deal the this time of year.

But now, it feels nice. I went out earlier to fill the hummingbird feeders and walk around. It’s in the 80s, but there’s not much humidity.

What if this is the new normal where the upper right portion of North America gets scorched while the southwest has below normal temperatures.

I remember hearing some meteorologists theorized that Tornado Alley has shifted toward the Southeast.

While the threats of tornadoes in Oklahoma are still a thing, last summer, there was the derecho that hit the upper Great Plains region.

We shouldn’t mess with our ecosystem. Honeybees are dying off. Without them, there isn’t much pollination.

Dystopia movies and fiction always pointed to this era in their works. But we always laughed it off when the dates in the movies came and went.

We shouldn’t be laughing anymore. There’s reports of low sperm counts in men with some being sterile.

The time is now to make a difference.

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