Tis The Season Of The Double Standard

Let me start off by saying I offer my most sincere condolensces to the family and close friends of Kirstie Alley. I may not have agreed with her on some things she said these last fews year (and she said a lot). I’m no monster. Cancer is a hard way to go for anyone andContinue reading “Tis The Season Of The Double Standard”

Another One Bites The Dust (But Will It Be The Quick End Or Slow Beginning?)

The greastest irony of the fall of the Soviet Union is that it all started because of a clerical error – a misunderstanding. On Nov. 9, 1989, a live broadcast in East Berlin held by Gunther Schabowski, an official with the Socialist Unity of Germany in East Berlin, was speaking about how they would allowContinue reading “Another One Bites The Dust (But Will It Be The Quick End Or Slow Beginning?)”

Meet The New Boss, Worst Than The Odd Boss: Christian Extremists Are Getting A Whole Lot Worse

I’m not the least bit surprised that Donald Trump had a meeting with Nick Fuentes even though the twice impeached former President is denying it. Fuentes, only 24, is the new face of Conservative Christian extremism along with Jonathan Shelley, the so-called pastor of Stedfast Baptist Church of Watauga, Texas. Fuentes has been spewing thisContinue reading “Meet The New Boss, Worst Than The Odd Boss: Christian Extremists Are Getting A Whole Lot Worse”

Why ‘Home Alone 2’ Is Actually A Biblical Horror Movie

The first Home Alone was a suprise hit that catapulted a young child actor named Macaulay Culkin to the A-list star status that would quickly end abruptly in 1994 when Culkin stopped acting for about a decade. Most of it was because of personal problems with his father/manager Kit Culkin. The first movie was aboutContinue reading “Why ‘Home Alone 2’ Is Actually A Biblical Horror Movie”

No One Needs This ‘Friend Of The Family’

A Friend of the Family is another prime example of how limited series are getting out of control. The run time for this series combined is just under eight hours. And half of that would be considered too much of a story to tell, mainly because there’s not much of a story here. The castContinue reading “No One Needs This ‘Friend Of The Family’”

Prejudice Is Like An Tree; It Always Grows From Something Smaller

I personally don’t care about this beef between Candace Cameron Bure and JoJo Siwa. I personally think that Candace might be somewhat of a bitch and JoJo might be blowing it all out of proportion. But if it’s making more people call Candace out for her history, or more importantly her brother’s bigotry, then soContinue reading “Prejudice Is Like An Tree; It Always Grows From Something Smaller”

Trump, Walker Put Republican Party At Crucial Crossroads

About 20 years ago, I received my weekly subscription copy of Entertainment Weekly and Michael Jackson was on the cover with his rhinestone white glove and the similar dance pose he did. In 2002, Jackson was already losing a lot of his popularity. He wasn’t reading the environment that it had been a while andContinue reading “Trump, Walker Put Republican Party At Crucial Crossroads”

Let’s Keep The Red Wave Lost At Sea

While the races in Texas, Florida, Ohio and Georgia didn’t go the way most Democrats wanted, it could’ve have gone a lot worse nationwide. Kari Lake, a big supporter of The Big Lie, ia losing to Katie Hobbs to be governor of Arizona. John Fetterman beat out Dr. Mehmet Oz to be Senator of Pennsylvania.Continue reading “Let’s Keep The Red Wave Lost At Sea”

The Last Act Of A Desperate Political Party

The Republican Party is dying. It’s on its last leg and slouches like that rough beast William Butler Yeats talked about. It didn’t have to be this way. The Republican Party was the Party of Lincoln. It no longer can say that. It’s so far removed from Lincoln or Dwight Eisenhower or even Teddy RoosleveltContinue reading “The Last Act Of A Desperate Political Party”