‘Candy’ Leaves Both Pleasant And Bitter Taste

WARNING: This post may contain possible spoilers! Hulu’s limited series Candy details the infamous 1980 brutally killing of Betty Gore, a former middle school teacher, in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Wylie, Texas. And like most true-crime series, there’s something good for it and something bad. Like the titular character, it can be very fillingContinue reading “‘Candy’ Leaves Both Pleasant And Bitter Taste”

‘Firestarter’ Fizzles Faster Than Damp Crumbled Kindling Paper

When the two best things you can say about the latest version of Firestarter is that it’s not as long as the 1984 version and they’ve cast a real Indigenous Native American this time, you know it’s not going to be good. Blumhouse tackles an updated version of the Stephen King novel, which I didn’tContinue reading “‘Firestarter’ Fizzles Faster Than Damp Crumbled Kindling Paper”


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